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"May the Rose of your Heart blosson as dunbeams acorss the morning sea..."  - Yeshua


Clear and Charge your space and your auric field with the pure unconditional love of the Golden Ray of Divine Radiance! This amazing spay transmutes heaviness and negativity with angelic grace and magnetizes the highest vibrations of love, light, wisdom, protection and healing.


It is super charged with powerful energetic infusions of the Violet Flame, the Golden Christ Light, the Crystaline Celestial Ray, and the Flame of Union of Mother Mary. It containes pure theraputic grade essential oils of rose, sandalwood, frankincense. cinnamon, wild orange, ylang ylang, clove, bergamont, lavendar, vanilla, and grapefruit in a proprietary blend with holy water and fractionated coconut oil. 


* For entertainment purposes only - do not ingest. 



Radiant Soul Aura Spray - Yeshua

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