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God is ALL

In one of my recent meditations, the energy of Mother Gaia was insistent about this simple truth - God, Goddess, Source, Creation (or whatever you call the origin of all) is indeed one with us - within us, all around us, reflected back to us in every moment, perception, relation and experience. Nature breathes the heartbeat of creation; the cosmos spin the same rythm.

We are a universe, just as every blade of grass, flower, animal, planet and star. We are creation made manifest in a physical, human form; we are a part of the tapestry of life that flows and connects all things. We are the individual strand and the entire cloth...without the individual, unique expression of every soul, creation would be incomplete. There would be a hole or a void in the tapestry, in the weaving of creation itself. It takes ALL of us to BE in existence in order for creation to expand, evolve and grow...

With this as a guiding pillar in our lives, experiences of judgement, shame and unworthiness can show up as moments of creation expressing aspects of itself, a possible balancing of something that is learning and growing into deeper truths about the nature of infinite possibility.

How can we fully understand love if all we ever experience is complete ecstatic bliss? How can we learn what "hot or cold" sensations are, unless we explore the gamut of sensations available that inform the understanding of such an experience? How can we learn about limitations without pushing labels, stereotypes and understandings of reality to the brink of transformation?

In western culture especially, and in most religious traditions, we are taught that "God" is outside of us, separate and unreachable, unless we live our lives a certain way, prescribe to a certain set of rules and disavow anything that seems different from those teachings. This feels like a horse running on a track with blinders.

Creation can be anything, identify and express in unlimited ways...why would creation judge any part as good or evil, right or wrong? Creation/God does not Judge - individuals do. And that is part of the tapestry as well - to discern, to find resonance, to decide what it is we want to create within the universe of I and how to navigate that creation with others so that it can become exponential, become the highest potential of WE.

Nature shows us that there are cycles of death and rebirth, cycles of balance and upheaval. All is necessary and valid in each present moment. We are part of a grander architecture than we can imagine - and every single moment we are contributing or taking away from the tapestry, all in an effort to be and share our unique resonance in the symphony of life.


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