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What is true Self Care?

Happy December Beautiful Soul!

We are entering the homestretch of not only this year, but this decade. Wow. Take that in for a moment...pause and reflect on where you've been, how you've grown, who you want to be moving forward...ahhhh...there's lots of layers there, if we are being honest.

Perhaps we see flashes of the people we have loved and lost, the opportunities we let pass us by because we were afraid to try something new. Maybe we remember those moments of joy - the smile of a newborn, sloppy kisses from a puppy, the smell of roses on an anniversary...little breaths of life where we chose to be present or disconnected, filled with passion or apathy.

Perhaps we question deeper than the surface experience, wanting to understand ourselves, our world, our higher purpose for being alive...

As we gain wisdom from the past and look forward to the new beginnings that are upon us, we find that in truth, NOW is the only time we really have. This is the key to true self care and to manifesting the life of our dreams. It releases us from shame or guilt we may feel for "not being good enough," and invites us to be ALL that we are, right now.

Where we can be conscious and engaged in the people, places and situations that fill us with joy, excitement, compassion and hope, we can choose to experience gratitude and create more of that in our lives. Where we focus our thoughts, our emotions follow and then magnetize more of the same.

Learning to love ourselves isn't about salt baths and chocolate cake (though those things can help immensely on a rough day). It's about allowing all the parts that make us whole, all the pieces that fray at the edges, loving even that which we cannot change and often wish to hate.

If we can be fully present in each experience, high or low, without judgement of it being good or bad, right or wrong, just allowing, this can somehow release the pressure to "be more," "do more," that our modern lives demand of us. Perhaps it's okay to simply be who we are, in each moment, striving only to be the best version of ourselves, no longer willing to bend or break for the approval of others.

In this time of rapid spiritual evolution, we are finding that self-sacrifice and martyrdom do little to advance true fulfillment. To care for another does not mean we become another's doormat...unconditional love means we love ourselves enough to have healthy boundaries and invite empowerment in our interactions with ourselves and our world.

So as 2019 comes to a close and renewed hope sparks within us, remember that love is an energy that flows and grows between hearts that are open, minds that are curious, souls that see divine purpose in all experiences.

There is a wonderment here, available for those ready to create a better world, and as we choose awe and love over fear and lack, we will find that self love brings self actualization. This is the greatest service of all, to cultivate a mindset of exploration, discovery, experiencing, awareness of self.

When we care about choosing happiness within, we give permission to others to do the same. As we all start to cultivate love of self, rooted in heart instead of ego, we create a better world for us all.

When we approach life with eyes open beyond the blinders we have set, compassion for all connections, we learn that loving ourselves is easy and sharing love is our true nature...

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27. Aug. 2021

Nicee post thanks for sharing

Gefällt mir
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