Intuitive Insights - 7 Week Tarot & Oracle Card Certification Program 


**Please contact Jeanette if you are interested in this training!

7pm - 9pm

Full Program - $299 (recommended, as each class covers specific cards in the Tarot)

Drop-in rate -  $45 per class

* Includes full workbook, hands-on practice and certificate of completion. 

* Pre-registration is required - $100 due by May 20th.

This certification program is a 7 week series that offers in-depth history, discussion and application of varies intuitive card reading techniques. 

Week 1 - Introduction to Tarot & Oracle Card Divination - history, stories, connection to Spirit, modern use.
Week 2 - General Symbolism & Archetypes - color meanings, emotional symbolism, chakra connections, cards for certain readings, divine messages in the numbers, astro symbols & universal archetypes. Individual cards & interactions - what is the story?
Week 3-6 - In-depth discussion and sharing about the major and minor arcana of the traditional 78 card tarot deck as well as universal symbolism found in both tarot and oracle.
Week 7 - Card spreads, interactions, daily use & practice with guests!