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Intuitive Insights - 7 Week Tarot & Oracle Card Certification Program 

Starts March 30th, 2021 - online and in-person available. 

* Introductory Class March 9th click here

* Introductory Class March 28th click here

FULL Certification Program begins Tuesday, March 30th at 7PM


Full Program - $265 (recommended, as each class covers specific cards in the Tarot).

Drop-in rate -  $45 per class (must contact Jeanette directly for this option).

* Full Program Includes full workbook, hands-on practice and certificate of completion. 

* Pre-registration is required - $100 due by March 21st.

This certification program is a 7 week series that offers in-depth history, discussion and application of varies intuitive card reading techniques. 

Intro Class March 9th and 28th - Introduction to intuition and divination, intro to Tarot and Oracle, where they come form, how they are used. Diving deep into questions such as "what is Spirit, what are channels of communication, how to set sacred space and intentions. We will share various intuitive development techniques, including the "symbol dictionary" and offer a sample meditation and visualization practice to open intuitive channels. We will being to work with the oracle and tarot cards with practice spreads, partner sharing and learn new ways of consulting the cards as a daily ritual of connection and communion. 

Week 1 - Tuesday, March 30th - Introduction to Intuition, Intuitive Channels and Ways to Communicate with Spirit through Tarot & Oracle Card Tools, PLUS Divination & its use - history, stories, connection to Spirit, modern use.
Keys - Discernment, Being a Clear Channel, How to Create Reciprocal Flow - What is being shared from Spirit & How to Interpret the Messages. 
Week 2  - Tuesday, April 6th - General Symbolism & Archetypes - color meanings, emotional symbolism, chakra connections, cards for certain readings, divine messages in the numbers, astro symbols & universal archetypes.
Individual cards & interactions - what is the story?
Week 3-6 - Tuesdays, April 13th, 20th then May 4th & May 11th - 
In-depth discussion and sharing about the major and minor arcana of the traditional 78 card tarot deck as well as universal symbolism found in both tarot and oracle. What is the Hero's Journey - exploring each card, in-depth, so that you have a clear understanding of not only each card but the 2-way channel required when communicating with your higher self and the loving energies of Spirit.
Week 7 - Tuesday, May 18th - Practice Practice Practice! Card spreads, interactions, daily use & practice with guests! Certification celebration! 
** In order to receive a certificate, you must attend all classes in this series. 
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