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Merkaba Light Body Activation Weekend Certification - Level 1
Utilizing the Sacred Merkaba for Mind-Body-Spirit Evolution & 
Embodiment of Your Divine Potential!

Saturday, Jan. 13th, 2024 10AM - 5PM 

Sunday, Jan. 14th, 2024 10AM - 5PM


Online and in-person available at Radiant Soul Center

4700 S. McClintock Drive, Tempe AZ 85282 (map)


Both days are required for certificate - $888 per person

* Each participant will receive a Merkaba Mastery Workbook & a Certificate of Completion.

* For those who are re-taking the certification for the updated codes & techniques,

$665 per person - please contact Jeanette to confirm "continuing student" status. 

Pre-registration is required.

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Merkaba Activation Weekend Intensive - Level 1 Certification - Ascension, Evolution, Embodiment 


Level one Merkaba Activation Training = the Universe of Self

* Level 1 helps you to work with the SELF as a universe!

* Level 1 Teaches us how to bridge with our multidimensionality, awaken our intuitive abilities and open the channels to heal the universe of our individual mind, body and spiritual makeup.

* Level 1 Merkaba Activation is highly recommended as a foundational template for working with any sort of Source Healing energies.

* Commune with your physical and quantum totality - cells, mitochondria, bones - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - awaken to the higher realms of your consciousness and quantum potential - higher selves, angels, guides, guardians, soul family, soul pod, mission template! 

* Level 1 introduces you to soul mission, collaboration with others and even planetary healing!
* Activations, Ascension Codes & Energetic Alchemy Techniques working with the Sacred Merkaba Light Body...

Join us for an in-depth training course on how to work with and focus the universal energies offered to us through the Merkaba Light Body.

We will discuss not only the importance of the Merkaba Activation State and how it allows you to travel through multi-dimensional planes of being, but also open you to the infinite possibilities of healing, manifesting and magnetizing FLOW in all areas of your life through working with the incredible life-force & sacred geometry channels of your unique light body signature.

For the in-person experience, please join us at Radiant Soul Center in Tempe, AZ.

Online also available. Once registered you will receive the zoom link to join the day of the certification. 

$888 for both days 


Pre-registration is required.
* Both days are required for the Certificate of Completion and it is highly recommended that you attend both days.


What you will receive:
* Introduction to the Sacred Merkaba Light Body.
* Learn specific tips, tools and techniques working directly with your Merkaba to restore health, manifest abundance and magnetize soul level relationships.
* High vibrational energy infusions and guided meditation techniques.
* Foundational Requirements for Ascension and Advanced Soul Alchemy work.
* How to live connected and balanced, to be "divinely human" and create Heaven on Earth for the betterment of all!
* Greater levels of awareness of how to be of service through love to yourself and others.
* 2 POWERFUL days of training that will bring transformation, healing, soul connection, clarity and focused intention to every area of your life.
* Workbook and Certificate of Completion (Merkaba Mastery Level 1)

Specific energies and infusions:
* Merkaba Light Body Vehicle activation and transport experience.
* Rainbow Code Activation - New Ascension Codes bridging the higher Unity Consciousness Templates with the Earth Plane.
* Powerful techniques for utilizing the activated merkaba state for psychic protections, inner child healing, projection field awareness and advanced empathic filtering systems.
* Connect and anchor your soul mission - activate the soul map & original blueprint template.
* Root your earthly experience in the highest manifestation of unconditional love expressed in human form.
* Healing techniques - 12 strand DNA activation, compassionate heart field discourse with the mitochondria, how to communicate with your physical body avatar.
* Merkaba Light Techniques for time travel, releasing karma, light bending, connecting with the Akashic and the wisdom of your ancestors.
* Manifesting your IDEAL life experience...accessing and focusing the sacred geometry codes held in your merkaba to open the channels of Divine FLOW.

Please know this event is guided by Spirit and the techniques shared here are ones that I have practiced and honed over years of experience, working directly with the energies of Source. What is shared here cannot be found in a book or a YouTube video...these are sacred teachings and this is a sacred path. If you feel called to learn and share, I am honored to journey with you in whatever way serves our best and highest good.

Space is limited so RSVP is required.

Registration closes 1/10/2024.

SAVE YOU SPOT - $250 deposit (non-refundable)



Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to this beautiful time together!
Jeanette St.Germain

Jeanette St.Germain is the owner of Radiant Soul Center in Tempe AZ, a sanctuary of soul. She is a spiritual author, teacher, and speaker committed to helping others embrace their own inner radiance! Jeanette's private sessions and public events often include inspired angelic messages, clarity of life purpose, and deep healing through all layers of the energy field.

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