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spiritual journey is one of infinite soul remembrance, service to the greater good, and deep inner connection with sacred truths. I offer a variety of pathways to help you navigate the many experiences you may encounter along the way, and I am honored to be able to support you as you embrace the radiance within. 

Please note that all sessions are as unique as you are! Look through the list of appointments, and choose what most calls to you in the moment. If you have specific questions about the different kinds of sessions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Some of my offerings for your spiritual empowerment include but are not limited to:

High Vibrational Light Infusions/Activations - raising your energetic vibration to one of your highest soul resonance - experiencing your true light!

Intuitive Connections - exploring the possibilities of your life path, health concerns, relationship transitions, learning about your angelic support teams, and so much more!

Energetic Touch Therapies - for balancing, well-being, psychic clearing, releasing karma, integrating light into the cellular memory, and upliftment on all levels.

Spiritual Development Classes - Weekly topics and meditations to connect and understand all realms of Spirit. (please see our calendar for up-to-date topics)

Holistic Wellness Events - Community Mind-Body-Spirit Expos, guest speakers, and special events.

Certification Workshops - learning how to use, control and focus empathic abilities, and how to harness energy for healing of self and others.

Community Special Events - fundraisers, donations, "giving back" events.

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