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 Beloved Union Sacred Heart Chamber

Hold within you your highest light...embody your soul purpose...magnetize your ideal life partner...


In this incredible high vibe meditation, Jeanette guides you into a sacred union chamber where you receive powerful healing, balancing and unification with your masculine and feminine source light. The energy of the "Beloved" flows through from the heart of creation, energizing your highest-self vibration and helping you to anchor that frequency into your every day life.


Union with the ALL that you are empowers your potential and brings through feelings of peace and HOME, where ever you may be on this path...a beautiful remembrance that you are not alone.

Free 1 Hour High VibeMeditation Sample

Journey to the Heart of Source

This is just a taste of what our new monthly VIP membership subscription will offer. Jeanette prides herself on offering only the best quality, high vibe services & products to support you on your spiritual journey - this meditation is incredibly powerful but the audio is not quite as rich as the paid subscription meditations so Jeanette wanted to offer it as a special gift to the community!

* Please enjoy this sample full hour soul journey experience to the heart of Source! You will receive relaxation of the mind and energetic infusions of light for healing, balancing and rejuvenation on all levels. Be sure to join our monthly VIP membership to access even more!

Use Coupon Code FREE GIFT to access the meditation.

Shamanic Journey - Triple Goddess Meditation Healing the Feminine Archetypes

Join us on an incredible journey through the facets of the Divine Feminine - feel the clearing, healing and connection available as we release old programs of feminine struggle and embrace the potential of ALL that we are.


* A powerful energetic infusion for men and women alike, this meditation brings balance and harmony not only within the individual but also the ancestral and collective lineage. 

May your spirit soar on renewed energies of nurturing, acknowledgement and sacred wisdom. May the Great Mother guide us home...

Manifesting Meditation

Audio Download

Connect to your true soul essence and invite your inner light to assist you in manifesting your deepest heart's desires! 

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