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This is a very powerful guided meditation rooted in the practice of connecting and working with the Violet Flame. The VIolet Flame is the "I AM" Precense, the essence of the Divine held in the sacred heart of all living beings. Working with the Violet Flame brings:

* Unconditional Divine LOVE

* Ability to Transmute density into Love and Light

* Clears stuckness, stagnation and empediment to flow

* Assists in removing the root cause and core of any imablance in the physcial, emotional, mental and spirital bosies, including clearing old programs and false karmic wheels that are no longer serving your best and highest expression of your Divine Truth.


This meditation raises your vibration to unconditional love and assists you with manifesting the true hopes, wishes and dreams of your heart and the highest expression of your soul purpose in this lifetime. 


Advanced Violet Flame & Manifesting Codes

$33.00 Regular Price
$21.00Sale Price
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