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Courses and Membership Offerings with 
Jeanette St.Germain & Soul Alchemy Academy

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Soul Alchemy Academy All Offerings - Unparalleled support for the path of the Modern Mystic

Welcome to a sacred space where you can dive deep into ancient wisdom teachings and remember the power of who you are!

Join our spiritual development academy and choose which offerings are right for you!  


The Academy includes masterclasses, special events, spiritual 

mentoring, development of intuitive gifts, transformational meditation experiences and more!

Monthly Energy Infusion Meditations - Remember Who You Are!

Join our monthly meditation membership to receive two new high vibrational, soul activating guided meditations each month!

* You will have access to a full library of meditation files plus the new audios.

Relax, breathe deep, and welcome the rejuvenation that is here for you!


VIP Spiritual Mentoring Program

Calling all intuitive wayshowers, thought leaders, spiritual alchemists, energy healers, heart-centered teachers and empowered empaths! 

This Spiritual Mentoring Program is a fully customizable pathway of massive transformation and embodied will be supported as you step into the next level of your journey with one-on-one mentoring 2x a month, plus have full access to all classes, events, sacred circles, audio recordings and master class experiences.


In this program, you will also have the option of attending an intimate Retreat Immersion Experience with members of your soul tribe!

Connection, Empowerment, Soul Expansion, Community...

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Merkaba Light Body Activation Weekend Certification

Join us for an in-depth training course on how to work with and focus the universal energies offered to us through the Merkaba Light Body.

Pre-registration is required.

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