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Daily Energetic Reset - Be the Bridge!


Find your inner balance and create a bridge between the heart, the mind and the pure love of spirit that is always here to support you.

Be the Bridge Daily ResetJeanette St.Germain
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Opening the Sacred Heart Meditation - featuring AA Chamuel, the Cherubum & Mother Mary.

This meditation is a beautiful blessing of angelic love and offers a deep activation of the Sacred Heart. It sets the foundation for creating and receiving more sacred love connections in your day to day life.

Heart Opening with Angels - Jeanette St.Germain

Violet Flame Energetic Infusion - 


This guided meditation helps to release, clear and transmute energetic heaviness into unconditional love. Used regularly, this energy is a very powerful tool that can assist you in connecting to the divine light within, empowering your sacred heart and clarifying your true soul potential.

Violet Flame Infusion - Jeanette St.Germain

Sedona Oak Creek Connection -


Feel the vibes of this sacred space in nature and allow yourself to receive powerful earthly light infusions for grounding higher vibrations!

Sedona Oak Creek Connection - Jeanette St.Germain

ArchAngel Michael Daily Meditation for Balancing and Rejuvenation!

AA Michael Angelic Meditation - Jeanette St.Germain
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