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VIP Monthly Membership Coming Soon!

Members Only - Digital Downloads - New Recordings & Articles Each Month!

$33 per month

via passcode access  

* High Vibe energetic activations

* Meditations for Healing, Protection, Manifestation and more! 

* Empowerment Archives: Written Articles offering Tips, Tools and Techniques to support the journey of the modern mystic.


Get powerful support for your ascension journey and NEW activation energies to keep your vibe high each month!

Members Only Online Access Includes:
New Digital Recordings, Meditations, Energetic Activations & 
Spiritual Awakening Articles updated monthly.

Don't miss out - First 25 people to get on the waiting list receive their first month free!


Your monthly subscription gives you - access to all uploaded materials, past and current. 

* Each month will offer at least 1 brand new energetic activation download, 1-2 new meditation offerings and 1-2 written articles on various spiritual topics. 

The energies are shifting every day - are you riding the waves or drowning beneath them? This VIP offering will help you find your center, connect deeper to your inner power and assist you with stepping into your every day life more energized and on-purpose than ever before!

Get added to the wait list and receive your first month free. No contracts, you can sign up or cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked.

* Share the love! Refer a friend and receive a special crystal gift ($50 value) handpicked and blessed by Jeanette just for you!

We are here to create a new world rooted in love, together. If you feel pulled to raising your vibration, your awareness and ability to create real world change in your everyday life, then join us. It's time to shine brighter than the darkness and to remember our divine potential in the here and now. I look forward to sharing the next level of this incredible journey with you!

<3 Jeanette St.Germain

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