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This incredible 55 card oracle deck uses vibrant imagery and powerful messages channeled straight from Spirit to assist you on your acension journey. The images are specifically chosen to evoke emotions and clarity, using symbols and colors in the same style Spirit uses when communicating through clairvoyant channels. Using these cards regulary will not only assisit you in connecting to Spirit, but will encourage your own intuitive abilties to awaken!


No matter where we are in life, we are always guided and supported by the energies of the universe - these cards helps us remember to slow down, breathe deep and surrender to the process of awakening. 


The cards are easy to use as a daily card energy read, or as an in-depth storybook style read, where you can tune-in and dive deep for insights around a particular  question, situation or challenge that may be showing up in your life. 


* There is no book for this deck at this time - you are encouraged to use your intuition and look/feel beyond the surface imagery or wording. There are layers of insights available here. Pay attention to the colors, vibrations, feelings, metaphors and other "sensing" energies that show up for you as part of your message.


* The cards can be picked up at Radiant Soul Center in Tempe, AZ or shipped to you - US shipping is included. Your deck also comes with a 6x9 super soft velvet bag and a special free gift with each order!


To use - clear and charge the cards with your intentions - imagine violet flame and golden light pouring from your hands through every card when you first receive your deck. Ground yourself, breathe into your heart. Ask the cards to work with you and your highest self consciousness, to be connected to the neutral mind of the divine and to bring forth messages as serve your best and highest good in each now moment.


Then, connect a pillar of light above and below, anchored in your heart...and open to receive your messages rooted in love and serving love, always! 


Most important - have fun!

Let me know how you enjoy them!

Soul Journey Oracle by Jeanette St.Germain

  • All sales are final. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping due to delays with the mail system. Thank you!

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