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Designed for those who are ready to take a bold step forward in their awakening journey, this exclusive offering is here to support you as an emerging leader of rising consciousness. 


The “Ascension Activation” package is a foundational, 3 month 6-session journey that includes: 

* 2 Quantum Alignment Sessions: Dive deep into the world of energy and vibration, aligning your soul essence with the quantum fabric of the universe. 
* Intuitive Guidance Session: Receive personalized, intuitive insights that guide you on your path, illuminating your journey with clarity and purpose. 
* Life Purpose Activation Session: Awaken to your true calling and activate your life purpose, setting the stage for a fulfilling, passionate, and meaningful human adventure.
* 2 Spiritual Mentoring Session: Gain invaluable spiritual mentorship, nurturing your growth and supporting your evolution as a consciousness leader. 

This offering isn’t just a set of sessions; it’s a powerful, 3-6 month foundation of energetic balancing, healing, guidance, and profound soul connection. It’s a commitment to yourself and your path of spiritual evolution. 


** This mentoring experience also includes 3 powerful bonus meditation activation audios that offer timeless support for your continuing journey.   

Ascension Activation Mentoring Package

$2,222.00 Regular Price
$1,222.00Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
2x a month Mentoring
Subscribe & keep the sale price
$1,222.00every 3 months until canceled
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