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How to Work with Crystal Skulls:

The Importance of the Modern Day Grid Keeper

Sunday, October 27, 2019

11 AM - 1 PM

Radiant Soul Center

4700 S. McClintock Drive Tempe AZ 85282

$33 per person




 $50 for 2

Join us for a captivating morning of sharing, discussion and experiencing the mysterious world of crystal skulls!

In this class, we will share some powerful ways of working with crystals and crystal skulls in particular. This is a fascinating topic, and we will dive deep into new insights around the history of crystal skulls, their importance in the New Earth energies, and what is means to be a modern day "grid keeper."

This is a very in-depth class - please be sure to RSVP and so that I can have everything prepared for the group. If you feel pulled, bring your favorite crystals and/or skulls.

* BONUS - High Vibe Crystalline Light Mediation - RECEIVE NEW CODES to assist the ascension process and assist in anchoring these energies into a new crystal skull template.

The crystal meditation will be held inside a room size crystal grid with attendees inside a power ring of crystal skulls! woohoo!

** Bonus 2, each person will get to choose a special crystal or crystal skull they can take home! Please rsvp so we have enough to go around.

$33 per person, $50 for 2
* Membership packages do not apply to this class as it is a 3 hour intensive experience.

Even if you have never worked with crystals or crystal skulls before, if you feel drawn to this event, please join us! There are some amazing energies coming in right now and we will be focusing super high vibe light rays of pure love to assist each person and the collective more fully on the ascension path.

What you can expect from this class:
* Why work with crystals?
* How to clear, charge, program and activate crystals.
* How to focus your intention with the natural energies of the stones.
* What makes skulls different than other crystals?
* Share the past, present and future importance of crystal energy, especially the energy offered through crystal skulls.
* Intro to the history and significance of crystal skulls.
* How to work with and access information embedded in crystals/crystal skulls.
* Various ways crystals communicate.
* Opening intuitive pathways with crystals.
* How to get the name of your crystal skull.
* Why work with crystals now? The importance of crystal energy as a healing technology and powerful ascension tool.
* The different kinds of Skulls & their various Guardians.
* Working with the skulls - What kind of work are you feeling drawn to do with the skulls?
* Are you a "Gridkeeper," "Light Weaver," "Code Breaker," "Energy Conduit, AND/OR and "Illuminate One..." You can be all or one or something else entirely - we will share and discuss!
* Our world is shifting programs from one of "forgetting our true nature..." how working with crystals helps this shift into one of remembrance and AWAKENING.
* Advanced discussion - exploring the crystalline matrix within and without, origin blueprints.
* Skulls as multidimensional containers of sacred light knowledge and reality programming.
* What can you expect one you start working with skulls?
* Discernment! What brings love and light, what attracts the opposite and how do you tell the difference?
* Moving beyond the dualistic nature and into the true ONENESS experience.
* Introduction to NEW Codes and Templates to support ascension flowing into the skull network now.

Bonus - Group Synergy Meditation with Crystals - Crystal Activation Portal Experience - this will help to more fully activate your 12 strand DNA and integrate more of the crystalline light body into your conscious awareness.

* Anchoring pillars of crystalline, diamond and rainbow light to assist Mother Earth and humanity on the ascension path - meditation and energetic infusion to assist you with waking up to your true divine potential.

Bonus 2 - everyone will receive a crystal or a pocket crystal skull activated in the meditation as a special gift.

Please let me know if you have any questions and be sure to RSVP so I can plan how many crystal skulls to have as my gift to you!

Love and light,
Jeanette St.Germain

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