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Energy Healing 101 - Foundational Techniques for Healing, Shifting & Transmuting
Tuesday April 2nd, 2019
Radiant Soul Center
4700 S. McClintock Drive
Tempe AZ 85282
7 PM - 9 PM
$33 per person

New Class - Energy Healing 101 - Foundational Must Haves that will take you to the next level!

Would you like to connect to the infinite life-force that flows through all living things? Are you interested in evolving more quickly and gracefully along your spiritual path? Are you wanting to learn more about energy healing and why it is an incredible "medicine of the future?" Are you currently a practitioner looking to fine-tune your skills and take your energy practice to the next level?

If so, then join us for a very special afternoon of sharing in-depth foundational tips, tools and techniques that can be utilized across healing modalities and used for self healing as well as offering healing for others.

The techniques and practices shared in this class are important for beginners and advanced energy workers alike - all you need is a desire to learn, grow and share from your heart!

* Please note that this class is a pre-requisite to any energetic healing certification offered by Jeanette St.Germain.

$33 per person, $50 for 2
Membership packages and/or session discounts available

Questions we will answer/discuss in this class:

  • What is energy?

  • What is energetic healing?

  • What is integrative therapy/medicine?

  • Why is energy healing/clearing/awareness important?

  • How is energy healing connected to the ascension path?

  • 3D Mindset vs. 5D Mindset

  • Who is the healer?

  • Nothing broken - open a pathway to remembrance and empowerment.

  • Understanding multidimensionality - no matter what situation is occurring, all things are decided by the higher self at some level.

  • How to see things as an opportunity for growth vs an obstacle or a battle to be won.

  • Human perception is limited, but human potential is infinite when in alignment and integration with the energy of the soul!

  • Age of the inner guru - how to stop chasing for answers outside yourself - see everything in the external as a mirror.

Important foundational tools:

  • Feeling your own energy field

  • Introduction to the energy fields, auric field and energy centers and meridians.

  • Chakra Systems - How to Clear, Balance & Upgrade Chakras.

  • Setting sacred space

  • Defining Intentions - the power of the word

  • Ultimate Discernment Keys

  • Integrating new energies

  • How to be a CLEAR CHANNEL (get yourself and your ego out of the way - shift from fear into LOVE).

  • Special questions to ask - does this feel good? Does this feel loving? Does this feel empowering?

  • Importance of a solid foundation in self, an expansive heart, an openness to all that is and an inquisitive mind.

  • Protections, Shields, Filters compared to Transmuting the lead into Gold

  • How to initiate soul alchemy and stand in your own power.

  • Let's play!

Energy Practice Techniques:

  • Open Field, Closed Field

  • Visualization as a tool - imagination is the key to Spirit

  • Golden Ball Toss

  • Web of Light in the palms of your hands

  • Heart Connections/Heart Beams

  • Sensitizing the hands to FEEL energy

  • Scanning the energy field

  • Sensing resistance, blocks

  • Receiving through the hand sensors

  • Sweeping the field

  • Cutting cords, attachments, bonds

  • Sacred Words

  • Claiming Your Heart Fire

Bonus - Infusion of Angelic Healing Light and 13th Octave LaHoChi SOURCE Healing Light for all participants.

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