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13th Octave LaHoChi

ADVANCED 13th Octave LaHoChi Healing

Certification Class - First time attunements, advanced activations + brand new hand positions!


"Heal with LaHoChi, Source Universal Light, the highest vibrational healing frequencies we can access at this time..." This energy is a beautiful combination of Christ Light, Mastery Codes, Angelic Transcendence, and Life Force Re-callibration...

Self Healing Techniques & Positions for working with others. Very simple but incredibly powerful! I use this healing system on myself every single day!

** NEW Hand Positions Available Now!

** BONUS Free Gift - Basic "Angel Light Healing" Attunement - gently, loving energies of the angels to assist you on your journey of soul remembrance and empowerment! Great for use with animals, pets and plants!

Next Group Certifications:

Sunday, July 24th 2022


11AM - 5PM

Radiant Soul Center or online

4700 S. McClintock Drive Ste. 190

Tempe, AZ 85282

Pre-Registration $100 reserves your spot! 

* Full Class Investment (due on or before the day of class) - $450

* Refer a friend and receive a $50 thank you! 

RE-ATTUNEMENT - This is for current LaHoChi Masters who wish for a re-attunment to the healing ray to amplify and expand the power of the energy they are currently bringing into the physical. This brings in additional light codes and advanced energies for even more profound healing. 

* Re-attunement - $365 per person


(Please know that you are asked to attend the full class, as practicing with the amplified attunment is part of the process of sealing in the new energies for your continued expansion). 

** PLUS, there are new hand positions and energies you won't want to miss!

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