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Annual Fall Equinox Sacred Circle Event! 

Cacao Ceremony & Shamanic Drumming Meditation

Featuring Jeanette St.Germain & Demi Faraday

Join us in welcoming the changing of the seasons as we gather in sacred community to celebrate who we are, where we’ve been and receive powerful insights about the path ahead.

This special time of transition reminds us of the cyclical nature of all things and invites us to appreciate the known and unknown, all connected through the magic of what it means to be alive. As the leaves change color and the winds grow colder, we are drawn together to share the warmth in our hearts and the bounty in our lives - it is a time of harvesting deep insights and supporting each other as we begin again, newly transformed.

We are so excited to share this incredible evening with you, offering a multi-sensory experience that bridges the physical, the spiritual and all the layers in between.


* Sacred Cacao Ceremony
* “Reap the Harvest” Gratitude Experience & Burning Bowl
* Shamanic Drumming Journey
* Community Intentions & Sharing
* Healthy snacks and Grounding

Our Sacred Cacao Ceremony will assist us in connecting, nourishing and expanding our heart energies individually and collectively. We will set intentions for alignment, flow, clarity and support as we shift into the next level of who we truly are.

The cacao is prepared as a silky, chocolate drink that stimulates the mind and floods the heart with unconditional love. The energy is light, playful and expansive, helping us to connect to our true nature. It reminds us that LOVE is the highest truth and that love is the energy required to reinstate alignment and flow in our everyday lives.

We will honor the exquisite energies of the Cacao plant, calling forth the essence of “heart radiance” and invite it to work with us in our shamanic, mediative journeys.

Shamanic Drumming Meditation - A Norse Tradition Journey
with Demi Faraday

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner in shamanic journeying or just discovering this powerful practice, our event will provide you with the fundamentals as well as some advanced tips.

* In our time together, you will learn how to access and navigate alternative landscapes, clear energetic stagnation/blockages and gain insights as you travel along your life path. Demi will guide 2 short journeys where we will be invited to receive support from Spirit.

* These particular Fall Equinox Journeys will contain specific Norse Shamanic Tradition elements.

Shamanism has been in existence Since ancient times and most certainly before recorded history. Every culture from around the world can trace their ancestry back to some type of Shamanic, Earth based practices.

We all carry ancestral wisdom. This is not a proprietary practice, everyone has the ability and divine birthright to engage in Journeying to access deeper knowledge from within themselves, their guides, ancestors as well as the collective and multidimensional worlds. It’s a simple and elegant form of freedom and discovery.

$33 per person, $50 for 2

We look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you!
Jeanette & Demi

Jeanette St.Germain is the founder and owner of Radiant Soul Center in Tempe, AZ. She has served clients all over the world as a frequency catalyst, multi-dimensional channel, psychic medium and powerful energetic healer; Jeanette's private sessions and public events often include inspired angelic messages, clarity of life purpose and deep healing through all layers of the energy field.

Demi Faraday has conducted events throughout the United States, Mexico and Peru. She is a Shamanic practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, workshop presenter, public speaker, Singer, Dancer, Plant medicine Maestra and has degrees in Theatre Performance bringing over 40 years of collective experience to her teachings.

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