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Origin Point Light Infusion Event

Preparing us for the NEW Unity Templates necessary for Higher Evolution in 2020


December 15th, 2019

7:00PM - 9:00PM MST

$33 per person (in-person or remote access available) 

* Once you reserve your spot, you will be emailed the online meeting link. Thank you!


The Love shared between balanced Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies is the vehicle for creation, their UNITY is creation itself...

Origin Point = unconditional love & infinite freedom in union with all that is!
Origin Point is that place of union within creation that takes us to the ultimate energy of "home."




In the space of the origin light, the masculine and feminine are in their complete androgynous state, electrified with love, wonder and ecstatic bliss just at the gift of being alive. From this place, new worlds are created, new connections where ALL is safe and supported, seen and heard, loved and free!

This activation event assists with wiping the slate clean of old experiences and programs, past lives, karmic cycles and more! This evenings event will specifically offer energies relating to relationships, masculine and feminine support systems, and reprogramming societal stereoptypes and gender expectations.

How do we heal subconscious wounds brought about by past experiences and unconscious relationships? How do we embody a sense of wholeness when no one ever taught us what that looks like? How do we shift from a place of conditional love into a place of allowing love to flow through us, no matter what the external environment or perception?

We reset to ORIGIN POINT - to that place FREE of all the wounding, all the judgements, all the fears. We become so infused with the remembrance of divine truth, that all subversive experiences melt away.

We step into Divine Relationship...

This event will be offered online as well - all in attendance will receive a recording of the meditation.
* Pre-registration is required for the online link.

What you will experience in this event -
Discussion and sharing of:
* What are the collective perceptions of the male and female gender identities and roles in modern society. Which ones are healthy, which ones are not?
* What is the difference between co-dependency and inter-dependency?
* Are you willing to go the distance to experience the depth of true connection, or do you run away at the first sign of miscommunication or perceived disinterest?
* What stories are sabotaging your relationship desires?
* Introduction to archetypes in relationships and how to shift the role you may be playing.
* What is the difference between an earthly relationship and a soul relationship?

Light Infusion Meditation:

Origin Point Sacred Unity Energy Infusion - Feel the Masculine Divine Light in his full power, feel the Feminine Divine Light in her full power, and then experience their unification energy...the potential that is held in all sacred unions within the self and with the divine beloved...

Sacred Relationships start with Sacred Relating - who are you, who is your beloved, and what are you creating when you come together?

BONUS - Activation from the highest levels - Origin Point of Sophia and the Logos

We look forward to sharing this beautiful evening with you! Let us know if you have any questions!

Jeanette St.Germain


Jeanette St.Germain is a spiritual author, teacher, and speaker. She has served clients all over the world as a multi-dimensional channel, psychic medium, and energetic healer committed to helping others embrace their own inner radiance! Her private sessions and public events often include inspired angelic messages, clarity of life purpose, and deep healing through all layers of the energy field.

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