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HIGH VIBE Sedona VIP Sessions with Jeanette

In person or remote sessions available

March 3rd-March 6th, 2018

* Get ready for a soulful, purpose driven infusion of light, connection & rejuvenation on all levels!!

Why a VIP Day in Sedona?  

Sedona is considered a sacred, magical place of high life-force energies - these energies assist visitors in connecting to the energies of the natural landscape in the environment, and within themselves.  

The intention of the Sedona VIP Session is to immerse the attendee in high vibrational energies of love, light, rejuvenation, and deep inner healing. In the miraculous energies of Sedona AZ, soul connections are amplified and it is much easier to access the innate divine potential within us all!

** In-Person Sessions as well as remote sessions available.

What is included in the VIP Day?

A VIP Day includes a combination of personalized energetic balancing techniques, communion with your personal guides and angels, soul map readings, spiritual mentoring and meditation in the magical energies of Sedona.


Indoor and outdoor environments available. The VIP time may include relaxing energetic balancing, gentle hiking, meditation & even holistic wellness tips such as nutrition, essential oils, herbs, etc, that can assist the attendee with balancing and expanding mind-body-soul connections. 

Dates Available: March 3, 4, 5, 6 2018

** Please note you may also schedule a remote energetic balancing or intuitive connection during these dates. 

* 1 hour Remote HIGH VIBE Connection - $155 per person

* 2 hour In-Person Energy Infusion Experience - $299 per person (limited to 4 per time slot)

* 3 hour Energy Infusion Experience - $399 per person (limited to 4 per time slot)

* 4 hour Energetic Infusion Experience - $499 per person (limited to 4 per time slot) 

Please inquire about available times.

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