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Spiritual Art Therapy Extravaganza!

Join us for this month's Full Moon Sacred Circle Event -

Self Love Art & Energy Playshop

Let's embrace the Divine Love that we are, letting our inner light burst forth into our human experience like never before!

Join us for a very special day of painting, drawing, tuning in and ENERGIZING our Divine Self! Utilizing the power of the full moon and exponential group synergy, we will come together to craft an artistic expression of incredible Self-Love!

In this play-shop, you will have the opportunity to dig deep into a part of yourself that you may have trouble "loving unconditionally." This can be a physical attribute, a part of your perceived personality, your emotions, your connections with others or even your perceptions of the world.

You may feel guided to offer love to an inner child aspect of yourself, or an energy pattern that keeps bringing up repetitive cycles in your life. Anywhere you feel stuck or stagnant is a place where Love is calling to you, asking you to return to flow...

* The goal of this event is to recognize some part of yourself that is calling out for more love, and using art as a therapeutic tool, invite that love to make itself known.

$65 per person or $99 for 2


One spot

2 spots



What you can expect:

Every person will have a unique experience - some may just gain clarity around an area that is calling out for more love, while others step into the feeling of self-love completely.

The process is the gift, the journey, and your inner awareness will direct your external expression in a way that is absolutely perfect for you.

* We will utilize powerful techniques of journaling, layered affirmations, paint on canvas, color meanings for healing and empowerment, as well as some special sacred geometry symbols and high vibe energy intentions.

* We will paint, draw, cut up magazines, play with glitter and bright colors. Whatever calls to you! No artistic experience is required!

* We will connect deep into our hearts, call forth the energies of our angels, guides and support teams, and infuse our artwork with incredible LOVE vibes.

* Guided process to transmute the shadow into light, to offer insight and/or healing to any traumatic wounds.

* Sacred geometry and light infusions for manifesting your divine self in your physical experience.

* You will be guided through certain parts of your creation, and you will also have lots of time and space to let your creativity flow.

What is provided:
* Please bring any of your own supplies or materials to add to what is provided, as you feel called - this is a unique process that will open your intuitive nature and invite spirit to guide your creation).
* Basic acrylic and watercolor paints provided, paintbrushes, water cups, stencils, sponges, as well as markers, colored pencils and crayons.
* Small 8x12 canvas, or square, notepads, scrapbooking papers, magazines, scissors, glue, positive word stickers.
* A sacred creative space to connect with self and feel supported in community.
* High vibe energies, conversation and music.
* Water, coffee, tea and healthy snacks (chips, veggies, fruit, cookies)

Pre-Registration is required so that we can gather all supplies. Space is limited.

Please let me know if you have any questions; I look forward to sharing this incredible day with you!

Jeanette St.Germain

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