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Shaman Retreat & Sacred Soul Connections

October 2018

I recently attended a beautiful Shamanic Light Wheel Event in Sedona AZ. This was an incredible weekend, facilitated by a dear friend and teacher of mine, Phoenix Rising Star. Sedona is one of the most magical, transformational places I have ever been - to attend a Shaman retreat there is something really special. I am sharing here some pictures of the sacred sites we visited; I hope you can feel the love, community and deep transformation we not only welcomed into our own hearts, but offered as a gift to the collective consciousness at this time of deep soul awakening. 

I will be offering some of my own Sedona high vibe connection journeys over the coming months, so feel free to contact me with questions or to receive more information. Enjoy the fun!

Love and light always,


What is a Shaman Retreat?

I am interested in Soul Journey Meditations...

Let me know what else is coming up in Sedona!

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