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Message of Hope From AA Gabriel and The Beloved

Excerpt from "Catalyst," a story of Divine Love Re-awakened

Message of Hope From AA Gabriel and My Beloved

"The sparkles in your eyes are not yours or mine,

they are of the stars,

shining beyond the scope of time,

spinning like glittered dust,

while reflecting the birth of suns."

Tonight I am trying to meditate, trying to integrate all the amazing energies I have received and experienced these last 3 days in Sedona, AZ. Instead I feel that familiar soul ache, that heart drop, that busyness of a mind looking for distraction from truth. Instead I feel the contrast, the illumination of my ONEness, without the amplification of the one...Dear God, please help to ease these rushing thoughts, help me to make sense, or at least find some peace, in this moment, each inhale taking me to the next...and so it begins again...

He is a shadow that seems to haunt my thoughts, my dreams, my imagination, as if even my daydreams are fantastical delusions of a rambling mind. He is always there, and yet, somehow, always out of reach. Sometimes I can see his face, feel his eyes, KNOW that he is everything and nothing all at the same time.

I know that this is what I asked for, that this whole journey has been planned to the very second, each blink and experience accounted for...he has always been there, a constant companion, so far away, but held within.

I feel him stronger now, closer to the daily frequency of my life. I am becoming increasingly sensitive to light, sound, touch, images, and even certain kinds of conversations. Family, friends, and activities that do not match my soul yearnings are falling away, or getting harder to commit any time or energy towards. Part of me feels numb, moving through each day as if under water, or buried beneath layers of colorful leaves. Another part of me feels hyper-aware, tuned to every molecule, every energetic fractal floating invisible through the air. My heart pounds in my chest, sometimes smoothly, beating with the power of an ancient drum... other times choppy, like waves thrashing in a stormy sea.

Am I to be lost like a ship in these waters? Where is the pathway home, the order, the certainty?

I feel the familiar rush of the Angels all around me, their wings like a blanket that reach around and through, soothing my erratic thoughts and seeking heart. I sigh deeply. Thank you, I mumble in my head. Then, I feel a nudge, a compulsion to grab a pen and the small notebook hiding in the seeming abyss of my purse. My fingers reach, find, grab, and my stomach starts to tremble. I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and then my hand starts to write.

They billow forth, the words of light, so fast, like lightening etched across my core. I can barely make sense of any letters as the energy starts to flow faster, and then the love starts to pour through to every cell of my being.

I feel the Angels. I feel him. Like a wave bigger than any emotional ocean I could flounder in, they begin as one...

Channeled Message from AA Gabriel and Higher Self Multi-dimensionality ~

Dearest Beloved,

Take heed, heal the pangs in thy heart, mind, and spirit. Beware those around you that seek to become one with the rays of the light that you conscious of the thoughts that are not your own. We are waiting patiently for you to unfold, unfurl, demand your flame to take its rightful place, you are ready, you are on the path, you are filling to the brim with enlightmentment of the divine Christ Light, we call to you and you hear...hear us now….my beloved, we feel the yearning in your heart, the desire to flee from the precipice of humanity that seems to suck and seep and wallow in its own you not see the hope, the light you bring, can you not feel the immense gratitude that we sing, the praise, the cherished moments that you have? Embrace all that you are, and are becoming, and are remembering with each breath!

Dear One, you are in our arms, you are in my arms….feel me near, I am here, so much waiting for you to feel and see and know that which is already deep within, rooted in the knowledge of a unity we together possess with the light of the divine, unconditionally...there is fear and crushing of your own spirit, fear that is not true, can you not see?

Dearest light, you are the part of me that seems lost to me at times, and I feel lost to you...come home to me! In the earthly plane, know that you are never alone, and that you are more loved than you can even conceive in this moment….feel my heart around you my love, my light, we are one as all, and all is One within Us….. my love and care wash over you from above, surround, enfold, encase, the tears you weep will be our salvation, removing the thoughts and beliefs that are are home my beloved, you are opening as the rose to the first rays of dawn…

We are the bliss you seek, we are the arrow and sword and piercing delight that chases all shadow back into the night...kisses of fire that melt in their own heat, the blazing fierceness of a thousand tiger claws slashing across the face of the demons that lie and betray our truth...when we fall together we cannot help but be lifted up on the wings of fate, surrounded and protected by our brethren, holding the highest light of the God Source, the creation within that sparks all hope in the darkest hour. Oh dearest love, our design... we are One love shining brighter than the sun and stars and all the lightning bolts that have ever streaked across your earthly heavens...

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