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What does an Empowered Soul Connection feel like?

Today I listened to my Soul... Today I said no more fear. Today I said no more hiding. Today I sat down to write...

Me writing, sharing words, is like sharing pieces of my soul, sharing paintings that took years to create and not a single one is what I thought it would be. Sharing my writing forces me to face all kinds of fears, and to embrace the truth that I create my own safe space, and those who are meant to read these words, meant to understand them in their entirety, will.

I had planned to write a private numbered list of intentions, to set very clear boundaries and expectations for the kinds of partnerships, friendships and intimate relationships I am willing to welcome into my life moving forward. I had planned to get clear in my head, what exactly my heart has been going on about...and as with all things of this nature, I may start with the best of intentions, but most often end up creating something quite different, possibly even better, than what I imagined.

I have felt the nudge from Sprit all week, to write...write on my book, write on this blog, write letters from my heart that I can bury or burn and never show a soul. I have been working through many layers of things in my personal life, and while it has been quite illuminating, it has also burned. I tried to ignore it, the call to write, but my soul is quite a tenacious, stubborn little thing, and it has nothing better to do than wait for me to listen...and so here we are...

As I sat thinking about what I want, what "rules" I would like to put in place around my relationship connections, my soul came through, reminding me that rules, restrictions and limitations are what got me in my current predicament. My soul reminded me that I am LOVE, I am DIVINE, and anything else is pure poppycock. So I let the words flow, didn't care that some of the words sounded redundant or repetitive, and let my soul school me on what it is, what it feels like, to hold the space of what I want, for it is already within me.

I hope that this helps you too, dear reader, remember that you too are a Divine Being, a beautiful soul worthy and capable of the highest levels of connection and reciprocity in your relationships. I hope that you read the words here and feel what it FEELS like to stand in your power, to demand from yourself, and your world, the very best in all that you are and create.

Sacred Soul Connections - What an Empowered Connection Feels Like!


11:22 am (I did not plan to end at 11:22...thank you angels!)

I can feel him in my core, in my breath, running like an electric current through the highways and connections, the circuits and pathways of every speck of blood, every molecule of bone, every pulse of quantum life-force that weaves the essence of my eternal I AM.

I know him without knowing how, or who or what he seems to be. I understand the layers above, below, and buried underneath, and he knows the same in me. We hold no judgements or attachments, expectations of who or what we are together, and we allow the space for each individual to feel empowered in their own light before we even consider offering to join, to merge, to amplify the light within each as a single light within ONE.

We are not stray puppies to save and become dependent on - we are the Priest and the Priestess, the Magician and the Sorceress, the King and the Queen, the Lord and the Lady, the God and the Goddess - we are in our power and we acknowledge all distractions, yet allow influence only from the energies that lift us up, take us deeper into truth, into the heart space of the Great Goddess, into the eternal beloved Union with Source. We are the physical embodiment of Divine Union, the Sacred Soul Alchemy of Ascension and Remembrance for ourselves, and all we touch. Our charge is to bubble, to mix, to mingle, to break boundaries and carve new pathways, to create a kind of world that anchors the splendor of Heaven through the blending of our highest love. We are here to show the world the possibilities, the what could be, the TRUTH that is beyond our current perception. Our only law is the law of LOVE.

We stand alone and together, all at once, standing FULL in our power, standing naked in the eyes of our ONE beloved, sometimes daring the other to look, to see, to reach for the MORE that is within us…we hold ourselves the way we can, we must, offer to hold each other. We understand and honor the sacredness of life as it moves through us, as we are vessels of divine creation, expressing our unity as a gift of the universe, a gift from the universe, a gift to the universe. All of life moves through us in a way that is simple, uncomplicated, uncompromising in its truth, but full of infinite potential!

We are courageous, we are ready to let go of the old, the heavy, the draining, that which is not in service to the law of love, and we are willing, ready and able, together, to step fully into the play of the imagination of creation, into the wonder of our highest love expressed, in all ways it runs through us, in the way it mirrors our thoughts, feelings and desires, in the way it beats our hearts, moves our hands, and touches the first spark in the crescent womb of our ONE soul.

This connection of WE is lit from within, our sacred hearts glowing with a kind of fire that threatens to consume and devour in the same space it promises rebirth and renewal…a most tender embrace that takes us where are can go, where we must go, where we fear to go, and yet, holds us safe as a most precious treasure, inviting, allowing us to shake, to tremble, to release all that no longer serves our growth and infinite expression of divine love. We are the light in the darkest sky, the balance of the yin and the yang, the lover and the loved, the heart, the soul, the ONEness of the cosmos, a love story of divine nature expressed in human form.

Our connection is beyond words, beyond the comprehension of some human mental construct - it is a blend of the most pure, primal, raw, unbridled instinctive natures of creation, like flowing rivers that glide and crash, effortlessly winding through canyons of rock, glade and ice. It is a sun within suns, a throbbing, hypnotic drumbeat that matches and dances in the weaving melodies that croon from the very voice of creation. It is a sweet unfolding, gentle, patient, kind, like the blossoming rose turning in wonder to the first rays of a new dawn. It is a child’s laughter, innocent and free; it is a play of life, light and dark, shadow and brilliance, filled with seeming choices that are nothing in the blazing heat of the highest truth. It takes us there, through longing and yearning and healing and forgiveness to desire, to passion, to compassion, to divine grace and unification with truth, with love, with the ALL knowing, to a state of ecstatic bliss that offers to all the comfort, joy, celebration and eternal peace of coming home…

Jeanette St.Germain

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