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What is Normal? Musings of a Modern Mystic...

Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome to the crazy topsy turvy window pane that gazes straight into the center of my soul. Welcome to a mad-hatter tea party kind of wonderland where my daily "normal" is comprised of floating heads, strange otherworldly visions, celestial healing energies that shower straight from the cosmos, shared emotions with an often unhinged collective, and almost constant sensations of transformational growth pains from the planet, the galaxy, and the universe itself. The way life moves me, touches me, with sights and sounds and insights, it can boil my blood, catch my breath, or rush through me at the speed of sound, leaving me bewildered and ungrounded, to say the least.

What is it all for, this acceleration of light that seems to ramp up with each passing day, through every molecule, every cell, every synapse in my brain? My heart feels more, knows more, and yet, understands less than ever before. My mind swirls in observation of each seeming insignificant human distraction, knowing that with each sidebar, I also have the power to choose where to place my energy, my conscious focus. I am feeling more alone, the more I grow, more isolated and misunderstood, often questioning the fragmented parts that are trying so very hard to make a whole.

In just the past 2 months, I have experienced enough spiritual growth to write 3 novels...I'll leave just a brief synopsis here -

* Shamanic Journeys to the Underworld, to the inner shadow of my lowest self, then to the highest ecstasy of my highest self, then skyrocketing into the embrace of Union with Source, with the Beloved of ALL that is, beyond any individualized misconception.

* Conversations with Christed Beings that give my spirit wings and my mind a very rare kind of peace.

* Real life Fire walk over 1600 degree coals...3 times!

* Surviving (somehow) yet another soul break from a dearest twin soul, a love that never even got the chance to speak its name.

* Understanding and breaking a very dark curse that was thrown at me, done in the name of protection and family and breaking an unwanted connection with a heart that was the property of another.

* Connecting with ancient jungle energies, planetary guardians, protectors of life.

* Experiencing true multidimensionality in a cognitive state and understanding where the ego comes from and its purpose.

* Goddess ceremonies with dear friends who reminded me what true love looks like, feels like, and how it grows between hearts that are unattached and released of all expectations.

* Acknowledgement of my personal life and where real change must happen in order for lasting healing to take place.

* More present moment awareness, and feeling the buzzing electric current that is life, when it is allowed, in its present moments.

* Dream work what has opened my intuition even more and allowed me to connect in the most pure ways to those I love.

* Amplification of my kundulini connection and feeling it through all of my bodies, physical and energetic.

* Constant name and number synchronicity that have no rational explanation.

* Deep questions about the nature of life, the truth of God, the ability to ask for, and receive help, when needed.

and so much more...

Looking back, it is amazing...looking forward, it is more than a bit unnerving...Life seems to flow ever faster now, as the growth I am experiencing, we are ALL experiencing, is exponential and necessary, critical in fact, for the survival of this world. We can no longer sit on the fence, we can no longer dip our toes, just taking a taste of this and a nibble of that...this is the deep end dear reader, and the only rules are those that follow LOVE.

Am I crazy? Is all of this some grand delusion of a rambling mind? Perhaps...but just perhaps, it is what we have been longing for, working for, creating in our heart of hearts. I am not the only one working through a kind of initiation by fire and ice and oblivion, questioning the very fabric of existence and all that I AM. Ask yourself dear one, what is truly important, what is not, and what are you willing to let go of? Are you willing to risk it all for the possibility of something even more, even better than what you can imagine? It is time now, we cannot carry excess baggage into the new world that is being created, this new world where we will have the opportunity to create a space of Heaven on Earth, together.

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