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Not a Muggle Not a Witch...How do we drop labels and start building bridges between the old and new,

Happy Saturday Dear Reader!

Wowza, what an interesting few weeks we have had...the energies have been some of the most intense I have ever experienced. This whole "awakening to who you truly are process" is most certainly not for the faint of heart. It is indeed a bit like in the Matrix - once you have been "unplugged," it feels nearly impossible to go back to sleep, to even function in the world of the program, without feeling somewhat removed and disconnected from those who continue to sleep. This leads me to my topic for today...not a muggle, not a what?

I recently had a potential client contact me asking if I was a white witch or a dark witch...after chuckling, I explained that I am not a witch at all - though my mother used to call me "Glinda the Bubble Head Witch" from the Wizard of Oz movie, as I have curly red hair, unusual abilities, and have always tried to see the positive things in life. (Side note - I have a deep respect for those of the Wiccan faith, those that honor the Great Earth Mother and the Goddess Source of all that is - but "witch" is not my path this time around).

Anyway, this new person seemed confused, and she asked me how that could be, if on my website I claim to be intuitive, even psychic, and that I seem to be able to sense energies around people, see otherworldly beings, read tarot cards, talk to crystals, talk to spirits, etc etc...She wanted me to help "get back" at her cheating husband, and she was quite adamant that I must know SOMETHING that could help her take control of the situation.

In that moment, I felt compassion for her, but recognized the old belief system, the old way of dealing with challenges by blaming external forces instead of learning to love and evolve from within. I told her that I am not in the business of infringing upon another's free will, but that my purpose is to help others feel empowered in their own light. I told her the only thing I could offer her was a suggestion that she work on treating and loving herself the way she wished her husband would. He would either match her energy, and work hard to better himself as well, and thus the relationship, or it would fall away naturally, as we are all meant to grow, not stagnate in repetitive cycles of co-dependency. (Too much?) She hung up on me, frustrated and muttering expletives directed at her spouse.

This experience brought up multiple inquiries in me, even some buried triggers, that left me questioning, searching, and even more solid in my resolve to follow love no matter what. I received flashbacks of lifetimes of religious persecution and losing my life for being a healer (or what society deemed at the time - a witch). It brought up questions about marriage vows and soul contacts - and how so much of these things in society have occurred completely removed from the true energy of love. This interaction made me look deeper at who I am and what I do, and how the center point of all of it must remain always rooted in love, in service to love.

It is such an interesting place to be, as on this journey of awakening, how do we explain things that are part of our innate Being, things that are a part of the Universe, but not necessarily the same universe others may know? How do we make sense of Angelic visitations, bliss states in meditation, unity consciousness connections with people, places, animals and certain events, shared thoughts and feelings with those we may not even know in person without - A) sounding crazy or delusional, or

B) sounding like we are some kind of new preacher with their own agenda or sinister motivation?

How do we conceptualize seeing and moving healing energies, receiving prophetic dreams, caring for others at a level that feels as if every molecule in the air may burst with the fullness of the "aliveness" that we can feel, that connectedness that is available to those of us who are "sensitive?"

Dear Reader...I'll tell you the same thing I told the caller - LOVE. It all comes back to love. Where love flows, life grows. It really is that simple. Love is meant to uplift, to help us transcend our perceived weaknesses and to unify states of imbalance. We shine our light and we love not because we can, not because we must, not because we are responsible for love, or obligated or expected to love, but because it is the truth of who we are, who we are becoming. Anything that is not in resonance with that core love fire within us, well, if we choose to evolve, anything not of love just falls away. Like attracts like. It really is an energy thing. That's why it gets so uncomfortable and confusing. We have spent many thousands of years thinking love must be earned, reciprocated, or passed through a bloodline in order to be true. That isn't love.

The love that is the driving force of modern spirituality is not connected to any particular religious doctrine, does not follow any set of specific rules, spell books, or ritualistic dogma. The only law of this universe that I know to be of truth in my heart, in my personal life, and in my work with clients is the Law of LOVE. And yet, we have thousands of years of societal programming that tells us differently, that tells us to be afraid of what does not make sense to the logical mind, that love is irrational and rationality is king, that emotions are weak and shortsighted, that anything "extra-sensory" is bad or evil and must be squashed (disregarding that these abilities come from the love of creation itself!)

Even in our human love relationships, we have thousands of years of believing that a marriage vow equates ownership of another person and that it must be honored no matter what. Add in some children to a marriage contract, and where love is not flowing properly, we will feel even more weighed down or tied up by energies of responsibility, obligation and expectation. Where is the love in all of that?

Dear Reader, modern spirituality is that amazing journey of self awareness where we start to understand that the further we go in our own individual soul evolution, the more we realize that we are the guru, the student and the teacher. The more we allow our connections to the universe to expand, to open to the "strangeness" of life, the more we invite love to guide us, showing that every experience is a kind of lesson in a classroom, a classroom run by our own perceptions, belief systems, and subconscious desires. Only love will get us through. Only love can break the old labels and belief systems and ways of expressing connection to others. Only love can take us higher, take us home.

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