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How to Embrace the Changing Seasons of our Lives...

As we move through our human journey, it seems the only thing we can really count on is change. This is a good thing, even though sometimes that might be difficult for us to admit. There needs to be a shifting, a flowing in our every day lives, as well as in the way we connect to each other and the world. Without change, life becomes stagnant, stuck and unyielding, unable to make space for new growth, ideas or necessary healing.

As we welcome the Fall Equinox this Saturday, September 22nd, it is the perfect time to honor the changing seasons and to reflect on where we have been in order to create new experiences on our path ahead. I hope you find these tips helpful, and look forward to renewed life, in whatever way it flows into your heart!

Tips for Welcoming the Changing Seasons

* Appreciate where you have been - find something to be grateful for, especially in those moments that have seemed the most challenging.

* Honor the fact that you are changing and that what once resonated with you, may not resonate moving forward. Be willing to let go...

* Surrender to your feelings with conscious discernment - when you feel overwhelmed or uncertain, ask yourself if what you are thinking about is something you can actually control, if it is even something that would really even happen? (Often we create stress in our lives, regretting the past or worrying about the future - two things that don't exist and that we have no power over in the present moment).

* Allow yourself to dream, then take one step each day to turn your dream into a goal, into a reality... * Declutter/clean - clear out your living space, your office space, your body, mind and spirit. Physically declutter, especially the front entry of your house. * Replace old light bulbs. * Sweep away any cobwebs or leaves and move around furniture to create space for new energy. * Change out old picture frames. * Reap the Harvest - Journal about where you are and where you would like to be - this can include positive affirmations, creating a vision broad or planning a fun getaway with a friend or lover. * Celebrate the small moments of life - appreciation brings abundance. * Practice responding instead of reacting. * Choose love over anger, love over fear. * Be with others that uplift you and empower you to be a better you!

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