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Daily Word-Gasm - What to say to empower yourself, raise your vibe & attract your ideal partner...

Hello everyone! I was recently teaching a class about sacred relationships and debunking the myths around soulmates and twin flames. During the class, I was sharing that I have a daily spiritual practice of welcoming each day with gratitude, setting intentions and aligning my energy systems with my highest soul potential. I also say specific affirmations and set clear intentions about the kinds of relationships I choose to create and nurture in my life.

These affirmations have been invaluable tools for me when I am having a tough day and needing a pick-me-up, as well as assisting me in attracting into my life some of the most incredible soul connections! For me, so much of this journey is about remembering we are divine love having a human experience...that we are here to unify the energies of creation through love on all levels. I don't know about you, but sometimes that is a tall order. Being clear on who I am and what I desire in my life is an imperative part of my soulful human experience.

So in the spirit of Valentine's week, I thought I would share some of these affirmations - perhaps they can be of service to you as well!

Here are just a few examples of the affirmations I use to incorporate more self love and self empowerment into my daily routine, and to assist in holding that highest vibration in my relationships:

* I now embody my highest soul purpose, rooted in love and in service to love, today and every day!

* I am a vehicle of love in this world, now and always.

* All of my relationship connections are reciprocal and empowering.

* I express my divine purpose within my life and my relationships with grace and ease.

* I am always in alignment and in constant flow with the expression and expansion of my highest soul purpose in this world and all worlds.

* I am safe and supported in all my relationships, choosing reciprocal love, pleasure and joy for all parties involved.

* I magnetize my highest vibrational match and ideal life partner with ease, grace and divine guidance.

* I now call to me my highest match on all levels.

* How does it get any better!

* Thank you thank you thank you!

* I am one with divine love, I am one with divine light, I am one with divine peace...repeated as often as necessary to get back into center.

* I am a unified, harmonious force of Divine Will experiencing itself and creating new worlds through unconditional love.

Let me know how they work for you!

Love always,

Jeanette St.Germain


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