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I am whole and so are you!

This weekend I was blessed to hold a powerful meditation circle where we communed with Mother Earth, Divine Spirit and the true power of our hearts. There are no words to fully convey the gamut or the breadth of this experience, but I feel as if I have been reborn... whole within myself in a completely new way. Loving myself and the all that is. Ahhhh...What an exquisite process.

Key themes that came up for exploration: * Mythos of the beloved path - it’s all a story of separation. * Frequency and free will, union and sovereignty. Love is freedom and love flows where it is chosen. * Masculine and feminine templates are shedding old skin and elevating to a higher perspective and grounded embodiment. * The gift of our aliveness! * The power of witnessing myself and others, allowing what is, beyond any need to fix, change or assist. The witnessing is the support required. * Compassion for the childlike purity that resides in every heart, even when it hides in cloaks of fear, anger, resentment or hate. Love is there and the other energies are simply crying out for love and connection that has been forgotten. * How when I am seeing the highest potential in another, I am not seeing their potential, I am seeing them as they really are. And when I can hold that vision and reflect it back, others then have the opportunity to see it too. It’s okay if they don’t see it, but it exists nonetheless. * I am here to love, to trust love, to trust spirit and the dance of this human experience. In that I can walk beside those who ask, release the rest. I know it all returns to love, with every beginning, every ending. * To trust the cycles and choose what resonates. * To allow and invite the ebb and flow. * To serve others through the overflow from my heart resonance, heart centered consciousness. * That everything we need is provided for. * Collaboration with open hearts = flow, fun, pleasure, abundance! It doesn’t have to be hard! No more hustle. * Find the flow, choose when to say yes and no, respect and honor the gifts we all bring, exponentially, when we create together. * Competition is an old, outdated story. We are here to INSPIRE creation...

I was shown so many stories we create, take on, believe just for the sake of giving ourself some external purpose. I was shown the difference between pushing to create and flowing in grace. I was shown the deepest stories of separation and how they are here to help us return to the truth of love, over and over again.

We are not broken, we do not need fixing. We are already love. We just need to dig through the layers of stories and programs and find our true resonance. Yes there is pain, sadness, grief. Things that happen, choices people make, behaviors that cut to our core. There is also a reason, even if we can’t understand it while we are in the experience.

Every day I am humbled, honored and so very grateful for this adventure. Thank you to every single soul, situation and place that has brought me here, now. Thank you for teaching me, breaking me open, reminding me that we are so much more than we can imagine.

INSIDE is the love, the connection, the divine grace we have been asking for. Once we really know that, feel that, embody that - we can share it.


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