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"Be the Bridge" Sedona Retreat Experience -New Earth Light Transmissions 

With Jeanette St.Germain & Charles Famille


Architecting a 5D Reality of Love and Soul Empowerment!


Join us to experience the next level of human evolution, a coming together of open hearts and sacred community to Manifest Heaven on Earth…


We will "be the bridge," learning how to communicate with our higher consciousness, how to navigate mutil-dimensional realms and how to embody a reality rooted in unconditional love. This is a call to the light workers of the world - it's time for us to bring forth the NEW Earth Experience!


April 23rd - April 26th 2020

Sedonya Center for Conscious Living, located in the GORGEOUS Red Rocks of Sedona AZ


Opening Ceremony 

Thursday, April 23rd 7:00PM

Full Retreat Days

Friday, April 24th - Sunday, April 26th

* Optional VIP Private Sessions available 04/23 & 04/27

Do you feel pulled to something more, something beyond the every day human cycles of work, school, family and bills? 


Are you ready to connect with the power of your true nature and learn how to infuse each moment with “thriving” instead of “surviving?” 


Do you feel fulfilled when you are being of service in some way, pulled to a kind of “mission” to assist plants, animals and other people? 


If so, then join us…Be the bridge…


This is a special invitation, a call to the fire of your spirit and a promise of the power of group synergy to create real change in this world...


** We are gathering as alchemists, healers and light-workers, ready to step into the next level of our divine purpose. Join us in anchoring the new 5D Unity Template as we manifest the experience of Heaven on Earth! 

Are you ready to let your light shine? Are you ready to be of service in a whole new way? Then join us April 23 - April 26th 2020 in the magical red rocks of Sedona AZ!

Save your spot - $100 non-refundable deposit

Full Registration - Early Bird (Before March 21st) $799

Full Retreat (Starting March 22nd) $899

* Refer a friend and receive a $100 gift towards your registration!

* This does not include transportation, lodging or dinners (except for your Saturday VIP Dinner - we will have dinner as a group for Jeanette's birthday). We will provide brunch style food, snacks and beverages for morning and afternoon meeting times. 

** We will get a list together of people who may wish to carpool and/or room together. We recommend lodging in the West Sedona area as to avoid weekend traffic through Sedona. If you stay in Cottonwood or Oak Creek please allow an additional 30-45 minutes to get to the center in the mornings. 

What will we do?

We will explore the next level of our Ascension/Awakening journey, receiving incredible light codes specific to 2020 and beyond. These energies will show us that we are all connected not only through consciousness and heart, but through our Muti-dimensional nature. We will dive deep into the transformations that are occurring individually and collectively, and more fully understand why we are being called to join with others in sacred community now.


The energies brought forth during this retreat experience will assist us in creating a whole new kind of Earthly Experience, rooted in love, compassion and divine union.


* We will architect the New Earth Experience through energetic downloads, guided soul journey meditations and community light alchemy at special places in nature.


* We will commune with the sacred vortex energies of Sedona and learn real-world techniques for healing the earth, grounding energies of love and creating lasting change in our every-day lives.


* We will share tips and tools for "Being the Bridge" to our Muti-dimensional nature and how to harness our expanded awareness of truth to create a better world for us all.


* We will "be the bridge" and learn how to connect with the various realms of creation, such as elemental and fairy vibrations, cosmic star energies, celestial Angelic frequencies and Divine Source Unity Light.  

* Divine Purpose Ignition - We will experience the pure essence of our divine spark and learn to focus this energy throughout our human adventure.   


Just some of the INCREDIBLE experiences of this retreat:

* Global Garden of Eden Infusion! - Guided meditation and visualization that helps you experience the possibility of Mother Earth and all plants, animals and lifeforms restored to their divine perfection in physical form.

* Visit "New Earth" 5D and beyond Timelines - meet your future self, higher self, highest collective consciousness!

* Heart Expansion - New Source Codes of Unconditional Love through the Great Cosmic Heart.

* Be the Bridge - Learn how to connect, communicate and embody higher consciousness as we explore other-worldy realms. We will commune with sentient beings rooted in love in service to love - guides, angels, otherworldly friends and spiritual masters!

* Shifting from 3D/5D - the cataclysm in the micro and macro as we release separation and shift into unity.

* Tips, tools and techniques to assist you in recognizing the 5D energies all around you, as well as how to bring more into your every day life.

* Training on how to feel, move, clear and infuse universal life force to assist in healing yourself, plants, animals and mother Earth.

* Shamanic Journey with sacred drumming - meet your spiritual animal guides, your higher self essence; receive and share powerful healing with mother earth and the energy of the stars.

* Medicine Wheel & Labyrinth Walking Meditation

* Learn to create light girds in nature for healing and manifesting heaven on earth - how to notice an energetic wound and offer balancing to plants, animals, water and land.

* Easy hiking and meditation in the vortex energies around Sedona.

* Tips, tools and techniques to support the next level of your ascension journey.

* Sacred Sound Immersion

* Channeling with the Divine Sophia and Logos Unity Light - ask the divine your questions!

New Light Codes to ignite your full potential:

* “Garden of Eden” Original Template Activation

* Crystalline Light Body Upgrades - clear old, outdated programs and subconscious imprints that may be holding you back from understanding and experiencing your highest soul potential in human form.

* Divine Spark Harmonization

Divine Unity Codes for Sacred Relationships

* Quantum Healing Activations for self and collective

* Intuitive Pathways & Receptor Sites cleared and activated

* Divine Potential in Human Form Experience

* Soul Blueprint Expansion 

* Light Codes for Elemental, Cosmic, Celestial and Divine Gateways

* Multi-Dimensional Anchoring of 5D Love Templates

Experience the New Earth 5D Timeline & anchor it into our current reality here and now.

​* Cosmic Codes - StarGate Immersion - connect with brothers and sisters from other worlds and feel their love and support as together we anchor new UNTIY love consciousness into the collective and planetary grids. 

* Advanced Alchemy Codes for true manifestation of of Heaven on Earth!

Registration Closes Friday April 17th, 2020