The Soulful Human Experience Sedona Retreat 

How to Create a Reality of Joy! 

With Jeanette St.Germain & Special Guest Charles Famille


Evolved Health, Wealth & Happiness - Harnessing Ascension and the Spiritual Path to truly LIVE from a place of higher consciousness. 

Join us for... 

Tips, Tools, Techniques and High Vibe Activations to support your journey as a Soulful Human!

* 5D Light Body Activations, Source Code Infusions, Shamanic Soul Medicine & Spiritual CPR techniques. 

* Real world techniques for creating the health, wealth and relationships you desire. 

Oct. 18th -20th, 2019

In the magical red rocks of Sedona AZ!

* Special VIP Immersion Monday, Oct. 21st

Registration Closes 10/10/19




WHY this Retreat?

Sedona is considered a sacred place, a power hub of divine energy anchored into the earthly world. As human beings, we are the same - divinity in physical form. Oftentimes we forget this truth, forget that we have the power to create experiences each and every day that fill us with passion, purpose and gratitude. This retreat will help us to reconnect not only to the incredible wisdom and love of our highest soul potential, but to expand that energy in our every day, human lives. 

Is This Experience Right for YOU?

Are you looking for something more, something that ignites the fire in your heart and draws you beyond the comfortable edges of your current reality? Are you ready to step into your divine calling in a new way, discovering not only who you are but how to BE the embodiment of creation in your world?


If so, then join us for this sacred adventure of honoring the soul having a human experience and learn what it means to bridge worlds while creating your own...

Retreat Location:

Red Rocks of Sedona AZ plus meditations and workshops at the Sedonya Conscious Living Center


Schedule Highlights


October 18th - Friday Night Opening 

5:45PM Meet and Greet

7:00PM Opening Ceremonies at Sedonya Conscious Living Center

October 19th - Saturday Evening

7:00PM Special Dinner Event 

(Dinner Provided, please let us know any dietary restrictions). 

October 20th - Sunday Evening 

5:00PM Retreat Closing


EXTRA - VIP Immersion Experience ($65 per person)

October 21st - Monday Morning


Full retreat Investment $665 per person


* Referral Discount! Register for 2 and receive $100 off


Please note - Each participant is responsible for their own transportation, lodging and food except for the Saturday night dinner event. 

We recommend booking rooms in West Sedona, off the 89A in order to get to the retreat workshops on time in the morning. 

Registration now open - Payment plans available. 

Click here to reserve your spot and receive the interest questionnaire. 

Limited spaces available. 

1 Day Sedona Intensive Details - VIP BONUS
 How to Connect, Clear & Rejuvenate the Energies of Mother Earth
Join us for a special 1 day intensive in Sedona where Jeanette shares personal experiences and techniques for how to connect, clear and rejuvenate the energies of Mother Earth and her creatures!

* This bonus day is an added extension of the "Soulful Human Experience" Sedona Retreat. You are welcome to join as an attendee of the full weekend retreat, or just sign up for this 1 day experience.

The focus for our time together -
Witnessing and working together with the elemental energies of Mother Gaia to assist the ascension process & anchor higher vibrational energies of 5D consciousness into the physical. This brings forth a way of living and Being that is rooted in the powerful truth of love.

$65 per person for the 9 AM - 1 PM Monday Event

What you can expect during the 1 day event:
* Exploring natural surroundings near oak creek and the red rocks.
* Introduction to the elemental realms and energies.
* How to set sacred space and call upon the energies of nature.
* How to clear, reset and anchor energies of balancing, healing and rejuvenation for specific plants, animals & the Earth Herself.
* How to create light pillars that assist with anchoring higher vibrational consciousness into the crystalline templates around the Earth.
* Connecting with our soul family in the elemental and star realms to receive an expanded awareness of who we are and why we are here.
* Lunch and grounding afterwards with Jeanette

Evolved Health, Wealth & Happiness - Harnessing Ascension and the Spiritual Path to truly LIVE from a place of higher consciousness.

Jeanette St.Germain is a spiritual author, teacher and speaker. She has served clients all over the world as a multi-dimensional channel, psychic medium and energetic healer committed to helping others embrace their own inner radiance! She specializes in high vibe meditations and energetic infusions which help the listener to consciously live from their heart's divine light.  Jeanette's private sessions and public events often include inspired angelic messages, clarity of life purpose and deep healing through all layers of the energy field. 

Jeanette believes humanity and the world are in the midst of incredible change. There are not only opportunities for individual transformation but also for us to come together in order to create a better world rooted in love, compassion and higher understandings of the purpose of life. This Soulful Human Experience is a chance to connect with others of like mind and spirit, to dive deep into what it means to be a human, led by the fires of the soul. 
Charles Famille is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner and is the creator of Spiritual CPR. He serves others through transformational bodywork, shamanism and energetic balancing.
Charles is a conscious participant in his life, seeking understanding of the many levels of what it means to be a soul having a human experience. He is passionate about learning and sharing with others how to unify divinity and physicality in order to create a better world for us all. 


Through his own life experiences and awakening to conscious living, Charles has developed a unique perspective that allows him to assist others in decoding certain patterns that often show up on our human journey. Through this understanding comes peace, individually and collectively.  

Soulful Human Sedona Retreat - Exploring Ascension and How to Create a Reality of Joy!

Light Body Activations, Spiritual Workshops, Sacred Ceremonies and Energetic Vortexes in the Magical Red Rocks of Sedona!