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"The 6th Element" Spiritual Immersion with Jeanette St.Germain

 Fall Equinox - Friday 9/20 thru Sunday 9/22, 2024

Bonus Sacred Ceremony Thursday, 9/19 | Optional VIP Sessions Friday, 9/20

All Inclusive Spiritual Immersion - food, lodging & retreat experience (travel not included)

Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, fire my spirit...we are creation in form.

Join us for an incredible experience of working with elemental energies, communing with red rock sacred sites, and connecting in soulful community. You will learn how to embody the elements of creation for powerful healing, life purpose alignment, and empowerment of your highest soul purpose. 

Featuring a Source Code Activation of the "6th Element Template," which balances void and spirit and takes us into a deeper understanding of Source Oneness.

* $2222 per person, includes all food and lodging.

* Bonus Sacred Plant Meditation Circle on 9/19 - $665

Intake and pre-registration is required for this experience.

** Early Bird $1777 (deposit must be received by 7/11)

Limited spots available

Deposit $350

What's in store

Communing with Mother Nature

* Vortex activations in the Red Rocks of Sedona (easy hiking)

*  Labyrinth Walk & Medicine Wheel Blessing

* Communion with the sacred directions and Path of Life

Sacred offerings to the land, trees, water and air elements


Activations and Meditations

* "6th Element" Source Code Template - Oneness Energy Activation

* Elemental Alchemy techniques - BE the elements in Unity, step into your highest expression and purpose.

* Rebirth experience with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit and Oneness

* Violet Flame I AM Soul Essence Activation

Merkaba Activation for healing & manifesting


Sacred Ceremony 

* Cacao Circle 

* Hape Ceremony

* Activated Breath-work

* Sound Healing & Drumming

* Ecstatic Dance Aliveness Celebration


Immersion also includes...

* Luscious, nourishing foods & welcoming accommodations

* Intimate community & new friendships

* Sanctuary for your mind, body and spirit

* Bonus Sacred Plant Meditation Circle - $665

Please note that Sky Harbor airport is about 2 hours from Sedona - allow enough travel time for incoming and outgoing flights. 

You are responsible for your own trasportation to and from the retreat experience. We will organize carpools as necessary.

Who is this experience for?

This experience is perfect for spiritual seekers and leaders of rising consciousness who are looking to connect deeper, expand their awareness and embody their most authentic light as a gift of service to the world. 


Why join this elemental immersion experience?

Loving Awareness and Divine Embodiment 


Soul Purpose Expression

Evolution of Consciousness

Accelerated Awakening

Group Synergy 

Celebration of Life

Soul Tribe & Community


This experience will help you to remember who you are. This is important because the most raw, real expression of YOU is an example to others who have forgotten their own inner being you is an inspiration for others to do the same. This then creates a ripple effect that invites greater love for all.

Get a taste... 


Teachings of the Elements

We are part of the life force of Mother Earth...we are the breath of Creation in form. 


Water is the womb of creation, the first perceived experience of physical world reality. It is the blood, emotions, and intuitive flow, the great conductor of energy and life force. Water connects us to the oneness and the individual perceptions of reality.


Air is the breath, an expression of the power of consciousness to create. Air brings us the cyclical nature of life, the expansion and contraction. It is a creative force that invites life to grow and anticipates the possibilities, the space in between. Air bridges life and death, rebirth and transformation, nothing becoming something. 


Earth is the body, the bones, the mineral composition and the structural foundation of our lives. Earth helps us remember the histories and build new futures with the power of present moment connection.


Fire is the essence of the soul that transmutes and bridges the worlds of light, sound, energy and form. Fire creates through destruction and illuminates darkness; it is the energy of rebirth, resurrection, and transformation.


Spirit is the great connector, the essence through which all creation is woven in the tapestry of life. It is the multi-dimensional realities, consciousness, and fractal nature of the universe. Spirit is the channel through which we can commune with other forms of consciousness and creation itself. 


The 6th Element is the unity of all parts into wholeness. The omnipresence recognizes the void as nothingness and darkness, as well as the space of infinite possibility. 

It invites the light, creation consciousness, to perceive a reality created within the void (the infinite possibility).  

This energy is the oneness, reaching beyond the beyond, fueling the Great Mystery of it all. It is the Origin Point from which all life and energy emanates, and the place to which all energy shall return.

If this little sneak peek ignites your spirit, please join us. We would love to share this transformational space with you!

$350 non-refundable deposit saves your spot


Full Immersion - $2222 per person 

includes all food and lodging (excludes travel expenses)


* Early Bird $1777 (deposit must be received by 7/11)

Limited spots available


BONUS Sacred Plant Immersion Meditation  9/19 - $665

Intake required, contact Jeanette to save your spot.


VIP extra session - $222

(includes 1 extra night at the retreat house plus a private integration session with Jeanette)


Contact Jeanette for additional payment 



$350 non-refundable deposit saves your spot

Registration closes 9/2/24.


Jeanette St.Germain

Remember Your Power

Jeanette St.Germain is a modern mystic and spiritual thought leader committed to helping others remember their divine nature. She is the founder of Radiant Soul Center in Tempe, AZ -  a true sanctuary of soul. Jeanette facilitates powerful offerings as a spiritual mentor, sacred ceremonialist, energy medicine alchemist, shamanic practitioner, author, teacher and speaker. She specializes in helping others to remember how to embody their highest soul potential & life purpose.

With a lifelong, profound connection to Spirit and over 22 years experience in the holistic wellness field, Jeanette offers unparalleled support for leaders of rising consciousness, heart-centered entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers ready to ignite their next level of becoming.


Jeanette's practical, compassionate approach to navigating multi-dimensionality and soulful embodiment is highly sought out by teachers, healers, leaders and visionaries passionate about creating a better world for us all. Join us as we RISE  in consciousness and create an experience of Heaven on Earth, together!

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