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Kendarin Unity Wave Form Activation Event: Opening the Multiverse
Join us for activations and powerful manifesting techniques harnessing pure creation light!
Sunday December 1, 2019
Radiant Soul Center 
4700 S. McClintock Drive 
Tempe AZ 85282
11 AM - 1 PM
$33 per person
Kendarin Unity Wave Form
Special Training Event for Self Healing
*Stay tuned for the next offering of this event!
Join us for our very first Kendarin Unity Wave Form Attunement Event!
Level 1 - Healing & Creation within the Universe of Self

* This event is an ATTUNEMENT Event - this is different than an activation event!

With the Level 1 attunement you can access the Kendarin Unity Wave Form within your own energy field at any time - not just in meditation with Jeanette holding the channel open - and then utilize it for your own self growth, healing and soul empowerment!)

* Please note that the Energy Healing 101 Class is a prerequisite to this attunement event. Sign up here!

This Kendarin Level 1 Self Healing Event will introduce you to:
* What is energy healing?
* What is true love?
* What is the purpose of the soul as a human being?
* What is the awakening and ascension process?
* Practice and experience of how to run and use this energy, focusing on healing within the universe of the self.
* Kendarin energy to amplify the individual's divine mission and clear all false and/or distortion/distraction storylines.
* Balance & Unification within the Conscious, SubConscious, Unconscious Selves
* Balance & Unification with the Soul Self
* Self as a Universe - cells, cellular memory, atoms and physical mission, web of soul light, karmic imprints, calling back your power/lifeforce, homecoming within the mind, body, spirit totality.
* Connecting to the highest self and spirit support teams
* Chronic pain and or health challenges - learn to access why and how to shift...
* Ancestral Tree of Light harmonization - masculine & feminine paradigms that are ready to be reset to divine truth through unconditional love.
* Self healing techniques utilizing the Kendarin Unity Wave Form
* Level 1 sacred symbols for self healing with Divine Presence
* Unification of soul fragmentation
* Healing multidimensional rips
* Accessing the soul blueprint
* Divine Master Reset to your unique soul blueprint as it shows up in human embodiment.
* Foundational Templates for Soul Family Divine Essence Reset

Level 1 Intensive - $350 per person
5 hour class

So what is the Kendarin Unity Wave Form?
Why do we want to use it?

The "Kendarin Unity Wave Form" is a unity process and emanation of creative force - it is divine light, love & power that comes from the unification of Source Creator Beings merging together to create new universes.

This energy is Source Unity & Creation beyond the constructs of our current universe - it is the energy that came before...pure ecstatic love and the raw potential of creation inspired into creative expression at the highest levels we can access at this time.

Kendarin is the essence of creation light loving itself - exalted passion bursting forth through Source Fields to amplify and seed the creation of new worlds & new universes!

It is like unconditional love distilled into some kind of cosmic, orgasmic pulse that ripples out and elevates all forms of matter into completely new forms of reality.

Kendarin Energy CREATES UNIVERSES and is pivotal for us anchoring the right energies and support systems for our ascension to higher dimensions and for the creation of Heaven on Earth!

* It is highly recommended that attendees have a solid basis of understanding energy and the multidimensionality of reality itself.

* Please understand that this is a VERY High Vibe Energy - it is recommended that attendees have a regular practice of meditation and running higher frequencies in order to fully integrate the Kendarin Unity Wave Form.

Please know that this energy has its own consciousness and will only flow in whatever way serves the individual's best and highest good.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to sharing this incredible energy with you!

Love and light,
Jeanette St.Germain
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