Sedona Solstice Sacred Plant Immersion - Sedona AZ

with Jeanette St.Germain & Andrea Twitchell

Friday, June 24th - Sunday, June 26th 2022

Embody Your Divinity in Sacred Communion with Mother Gaia

Join us as we gather in soulful community to illuminate our highest purpose

and anchor it deeply into the most aligned pathways of our human earth walk. 

* Solstice is a time of accelerated transformation and powerful soul alignment - this experience is a call to return to the presence of love within you and to share it with all living beings.

All inclusive:

Two Sacred Plant Circles, healthy organic vegetarian/vegan snacks and meals, lodging. 


Ceremony with Sacred Cacao, Hape, Sananga, Blue Lotus,

healing herbs, meditation, breath-work, sound healing and oracle cards.

2 integration circles & guided meditations 

 Immersion in the powerful energies of Solstice, Sedona and the surrounding countryside. 


$899 per person, all inclusive - shared room sleeping

$1111 per person, all inclusive - private room (first come first serve)

$350 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot




Your experience includes:

* Meditative retreat-style lodging

* Healthy, organic vegetarian/vegan/allergen friendly meals

* Relaxing, rural country-side setting in a high vibe, spacious home with acreage just 20 minutes from the magnificent Red Rocks of Sedona AZ.

* Communion with Mother Nature. 

* Group Soul Journey Meditation Circle Friday Night.

* Group Soul Journey Immersion Circle all day Saturday and into the evening.

* Sunday Integration Meditation and energy infusion.

* Share Circle

* Option to checkout Sunday afternoon or evening - we close circle by 12PM Sunday.

OPTIONAL - Sedona hike and/or medicine circle walk around 4PM - 530PM before going out to dinner as a group in Sedona.

Energetic Themes for this Sacred Circle Experience - 

* Solstice Illumination & Activation of Highest Purpose

* Masculine & Feminine Balancing 

* The Power of Presence

* Being the Divine Bridge

* Overflowing our Heaven on Earth Experience

* Flow

* Architecting and Anchoring the NEW 

* Divine Partnership

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Join us for a truly transformational immersion experience - our time together will be a balance of deep relaxation and powerful communion with ourselves, each other, Spirit and Mother Nature.


We will be held safe, supported and cared for in the hands of the Divine and within our group Shamanic Current.

* This will be a unique time for you to dive into the depths of your being, rise high with the infinite song of your soul and explore every layer in between!

In our time together, we are called to BE the divine balance and release what no longer serves us and fully embrace all that does. We will be called beyond our past experiences and our future dreams...we will find power in each present moment and the incredible potential we hold when we rise together, in love!

** If this experience calls to you, please contact Jeanette directly.

We look forward to sharing this AMAZING experience with you!

Love always,

Jeanette & Andrea

Jeanette St.Germain

Jeanette St.Germain is a spiritual alchemist and modern mystic committed to empowering the divine nature of the human spirit. She is the mother of three incredible children and is the founder of Radiant Soul Center in Arizona, where all are welcome to explore what it means to embody their highest potential.


Jeanette is a co-author in several best-selling spiritual books and holds weekly classes, meditation groups and high vibe activation events that assist in bridging the realms of energy with the realms of matter. She has served clients all over the world as a multi-dimensional channel, psychic medium and powerful energetic healer; Jeanette's private sessions and public events often include inspired angelic messages, clarity of life purpose, and deep healing through all layers of the energy field.


With a lifelong, profound connection to Spirit and over 20 years experience in the holistic wellness field, Jeanette offers unparalleled support for those ready to step into the next level of their ascension journey. 


Contact her:


Andrea Twitchell

Yaateeh!! My name is Andrea Taahaabaah Twitchell, owner and provider at Taahaabaah Therapeutic Services. As a Native American and Anglo woman, I have been walking in two worlds accumulating a myriad of life experiences, material knowledge and Spiritual wisdom.


Over the past 14 years I have strived to provide a multi-model practice that integrates Indigenous healing

traditions and philosophy with western medicine models. From a Navajo cultural perspective, it is our Divine right as Holy Beings to live in harmony.


The “Way” in which we live in balance with

ourselves, others, and environments is called Hozho. When we are mentally, emotionally,

physically, and spiritually out of balance, we experience pain, suffering, disconnection, and ultimately dis-ease. 

To walk in Beauty, Nizhoni, from a Navajo way of life means to live an intentional lifestyle. It is my hope that all who cross my path gain insight and awareness into how each of us can all live a more conscious, compassionate, harmonious life.

Please check-out my website at or contact me directly by calling 602-753-8480 with any questions.