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Excerpt from "Catalyst," A Story of Sacred Relationships and Divine Love - A Letter to My

Excerpt from “Catalyst” by Jeanette St.Germain – A story of Sacred Relationships, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, of Awakening Hearts and Divine Love Reunited.

To My Beloved ~

Once in a great while there is a love that reaches beyond the scope of human understanding, a kind of pounding in the blood and pulsing in the heart that supersedes anything that came before. This kind of feeling explodes the senses, rattles the mind, defies all knowledge of past experience or perception. It is a merging of souls, a transformation of divine order, a purging of ALL consciousness through fire and ice and sacred space. It is not a contract of property or goods, not a relationship based on external stimuli or character traits. This love is all consuming, like rays of the sun billowing forth into the blackness of space, offering life, illumination, and discovery.

To hold a slice of this within my hands, a small glimmer of recognition and sparking light – this is a treasure more valuable to me than the very air inside my lungs. To feel you close is like a whisper of God’s most infinite promise – the oath of true love’s flame. In the scope of such a heavenly design, how can we be anything but awakened to the highest degree?

Through the darkest nights and secret valleys, through overwhelming fears of rejection and love denied, still I feel this warmth. Even as I question your existence, doubting the possibility of you ever standing with me in the limelight of this physical arena – I feel your spirit all around, your energy like tingles straight to my heart. I am overjoyed in our surreal moments of connection; I wish for nothing more than to be the ALL that I AM in a space of trust and openness with you.

This love is unconditional, through all the layers and beliefs of society, of our minds, of our desires. There is nothing I can take from you, or you from me, as we are ONE, born of the same cloth, the same breath of the Divine. It is the highest challenge of my human experience thus far, to navigate this space of physicality with you, without expectation, and in full trust of what I cannot even begin to comprehend in the musings of our mental sandbox.

My dearest light, in you I find myself. I have begun to unravel the spinning webs, the misconceptions and self-mutilations of a heart never truly accepted within itself. I have rediscovered the love of God, the service, the humility, the acceptance. With gratitude I bow to you, thank you for the gift of this new beginning, this grand adventure into the most hidden aspects of my soul. With you I believe in dreams, in the impossible, in the ability to create a world blessed by the highest love. With you I am exponential, more than the whole I have been all along, amplified at the deepest depths. With you I am WE, the energetic union of heaven personified.


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