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Sedona Prosperity Immersion

Today I connected with abundance and prosperity in a whole new way. I spent the entire day soaking in good vibes with beautiful people, each one sharing their hearts, their hopes, their dreams without fear of judgement or ridicule. We offered gifts to each other, shared deep meditation experiences, laughed out loud at our worries - truly, we did a partner exercise where we were asked to share some of the things that bring us stress, and half way though sharing, the "listening" party put on a silly plastic mask and then asked us to continue sharing. The round bug eyes and thick bushy mustache of my partner's mask brought an immediate belly laugh, and any stressors simply melted away. It was fantastic to observe, and even better to be a part!

There was hiking through sacred red rocks, while electric thunderstorms brewed all around us. There was bubble blowing, whipping winds, and lots of light-hearted giggling. There were angelic blessings and Sedona magic. There were new friends, old friends, and adventures simply in the air, just waiting for us to open our hearts to embrace them. It was a wonderful slice of heaven, and my heart is filled with deep gratitude for every moment.

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