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New Beginnings - A Message from Your Angels

A Message from ArchAngel Sophia ~ Offered by Jeanette St.Germain

Dear Beautiful Light of such Divine, Radiant Being, we come to you this day with a promise of new beginnings. We ask you to take hold, take heart, and to surrender to the flow of this life, this etching of earth experience across not only time and space, but your very soul. As you let go of the need to control or understand every aspect of your perception of matter, the energy that "creates" will shift - locked doors will open, resistant hearts will expand, and the potential of your dreams can be realized.

Through a spiraling stairway of empowered light, the energy of the Great Sun flows to you, breathing new life into not only your highest hopes, but into the manifestation of them through the heart of your soul. As you connect deeper into the essence of the ALL that you are, this creation spark ignites brighter, expands, and streams into all areas of your earthy experience. Get ready Dear One, the next chapter of your adventure awaits!

With Infinite Love ~ Archangel Sophia

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