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Get and Stay High During Eclipse and why?

Hello Lovelies! Are you feeling the shakeup? Are you putting on your dancing shoes and getting into the groove of a faster, lighter pulsing in your heart? Are you feeling as if you could peel off your skin and let the light within finally emerge, burning all the false perceptions and belief systems to stardust between your fingertips? too... It is rare for me to post more than once every month or so, let alone 2x in a single month, but so many of you have been reaching out, asking if you are going crazy, feeling as if your entire life is about to change in such a massive way, but having no idea what direction to take, or how or why. SO I thought it might be helpful to touch base and offer some suggestions for keeping grounded, centered, and flying high during these moments of shifting dimensions, timelines and energy systems. * Check out the eclipse gong this Sunday for an extra potent dose of support as we move into the new reality templates.

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