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Soul Mates & Twin Flames Decoded - Mutli-dimensional "love" and rising above the BS...

Hello Dear Reader!

Happy 11th month - one of my favorite months of the year - filled with Angelic energies, star portals, and "awakening" codes that always promise a beautiful rebirthing of the truth within us all...whoohoo!

Speaking of the truth within...

I have tried for some time now to keep a fairly low profile (at least online) regarding the whole realm of Twin Flame sacred relationships and spiritual heart connections, only sharing my experiences and insights where they have been asked for, shared with those who know me personally or professionally. Unfortunately, it seems that I can no longer sit on the sidelines - there have been some low vibrational, desperate BS energies connected to twin love gaining momentum on the inter-webs, especially lately, which is the exact opposite of what these soul connections are really about. It has come to my attention, in a way that I can no longer ignore, that this whole "twin flame" phenomena is garnering not only a bad rap, but simply un-true descriptions of the who-what-when-where-why of the whole thing...

So here I am, hoping to offer a new perspective, a bit of understanding, and if nothing else, a sense of empowerment regarding the experience of love, and BEING love, in our human lives, and beyond.

What is a Soul Connection?

Well, if we operate from the idea that we are all "souls" having a "human" experience, then all connections are of the soul, impact the soul, are designed on some level, by and for the soul. Every connection with self, others, our environment, are "soul connections."

* It is my understanding that every speck of existence is a part of Divine Energy. Every thought, belief, action, sentient being, planet, star, universe - every aspect of creation that we can understand and not understand are all parts of Divine Light expressing itself through the mode of creation in a multitude of different ways. There are infinite possibilities, infinite ways that this Divine Energy can express itself, and human form is only one...

From a human perspective, everything in life follows a linear timeline - conception, birth, growth, life, death. It feels finite, when seen only with human eyes. Pieces feel disconnected from the whole, each aspect of creation doing its own little thing, in its own little spot in the universe.

From a soul perspective, there are repeating cycles of life, death and rebirth, over and over. We see this all around us, in the changing seasons, in the movements of the tides, in the cycles of the sun and moon. We follow this cycle of life-death-rebirth in our cells, in our relationships, in the ways we view the world. This soul view acknowledges that everything is connected, everything is ever changing, flowing, more creation every moment, even in destruction.

So what does all of this have to do with Soulmates and Twin Flames? Everything...

In human form, we are offered and choose many different forms of connection. All connections benefit soul growth and soul experience in some way. When a soul mate enters our lives, this kind of connection is a soul connection, just like everything else, but it has a certain kind of energy, or "charge" to it, based on how many times and why we have chosen to connect with this particular "soul energy" in other realms and/or lifetimes, not only now, but through the expanse of all of time and space. The same can be said for Twin Flame connections, but it is a different kind of energy than other soul connections, with its own specific "charge" and kind of magnetism within it. All of these energies and connections are to urge soul growth in whatever way the soul desires to experience creation through itself.

We are multi-dimensional, infinite Beings of creation. We have had many lifetimes and experiences, human and non-human, and the soul connections we encounter that seem super-charged, inescapable, like "coming home," well, those are the connections with other parts of ourselves or with other soul energies we may seem to recognize, as we have traveled together through a multitude of experiences throughout the ages. (We are souls, remember?)

Soulmates and Twin Flames from the Multi-dimensional, Soul Perspective

(Please note that I am generalizing here, as there are many different kinds of soul mates and even twin energies - I teach classes on this topic that cover much more than a blog post, but you will get a foundation here).

Soulmate Energy - This kind of soul connection teaches us more about the "individual/self" persona. It pushes us to stand in our power against anything that is not in resonance with what we love or hold as sacred within our own hearts. This energy shows us where we most wish to pushes, uplifts, or holds us back in ways that help us to determine who we are and what we want in our lives.

* Soulmates help us with the Individual Awakening process and Ascending beyond human perceptions.

* This connection holds between 2 individual soul signatures, and can be a friend, lover, child, parent, co-worker, and more. These soul connections can hold great love or great animosity, depending on the pathway the souls have chosen for growth.

* Soulmates can choose to blend, merge, or unify their energies as much or as little as they like, but at their core, they are still in their individualized soul state.

* Soulmates assist with accumulating and/or clearing individual karmic cycles, helping to peel back all the layers of false perceptions that may be holding us back from standing in our true divinity and in the truth of Love.

Twin Flame Energy - This kind of soul connection teaches us about "oneness." This relationship is not necessarily about the individual person or the individual soul signature, it is about the experience of UNITY, the oneness that exists in the realms of Divine Creation, and how we can bring that UNITY into physical form...2 souls that mirror and share a matching "soul signature", so that there is a multi-dimensional experience of 2 souls as 1, 1 soul as 2, and when the 2 come together in the energy of love, they create the 3rd energy, the Divine light that is the Oneness in the heavenly planes. This can be difficult to explain, and even more difficult to experience, especially in a human state where the "individual" mindset is the predominant energy.

* Twin Flames assist with Ascension and awakening in the form of Oneness and transcendence of the human perceptions, as well as the individual soul perceptions.

* This energy helps us to bridge the celestial realms with the physical realms - twin energy brings the remembrance of true soul power and connection to the ALL that is.

* The twin flame energy is here to remind us that at our core, we are all ONE, that we are souls having a human experience. This energy is the catalyst for a "unity consciousness" kind of soul growth pathway. When a twin enters ones life in the physical, each act as a mirror to their counterpart to aid in the awakening process, or "soul remembrance" that is needed at this time for a more "collective" mindset to take hold on Earth.

* Twin flame energy is geared towards a mission of service, an upliftment of vibration and consciousness not only for each individual twin, but acting as an example of unconditional love and unity consciousness, for the collective.

* Twin energy is Divine Love - it is not based on physical world expectations, societal programming or 3D life responsibilities. This energy actually steps in to challenge old paradigms of love and relationships, showing each twin and all energies they are involved with, where love really is, and where it is really lacking.

* A Soul Energy that is Divine, Celestial, otherworldly, infinite, unconditional LOVE - the word love does not even really describe the energy shared in this connection, as the human understanding of love is limited by expectations, boundaries, upbringing, ancestral karma, and more.

* This connection is SACRED and holds the power of Divine Creation within it! (I could write a whole book on just this one point...) Twins do not seek to hurt others or take action based on self gratification or self sacrifice. This energy, when balanced properly, is fueled by love, expands love, and creates love in all things. When unbalanced, fear, shame, separation and ego self perceptions become incredibly powerful (energy of creation here, right?)

* This connection is no longer an "I" energy, but a "we" even if twins are not physically together, and each individual must learn to balance the multi-dimensionality of the experience of being a WE in an I world...telepathy, empathy, shared dreams, etc.

Worth Noting -

Twin connections, and especially physical relationships, are rare, though more common now than ever before, as the planet and humanity are moving through an ascension process. The most important aspect of supporting the ascension is holding love, and as such, the twin creation energy is very powerful in helping to RAISE the vibration into a more unified state of consciousness. (Shifting from fear to love, as a collective).

** You do NOT need to be on a Twin pathway in order to assist with raising the vibe - hold love, that is the key!

Rising above the BS

1) ALL soul connections are important and powerful! We are here to learn and grow, no matter who we are with or what situations we choose. Enjoy the ride and know that every moment is a precious gift, either showing you what love is or what love is not...

2) The twin path is only one pathway of experiencing UNITY with Source, and not all souls chose that path at the beginning of inception, or would want to choose it later, as an integral part of their evolutionary experience. As such, in my humble experience, NOT everyone has a twin flame - their soul would have to choose that path...

3) Twin energy is SOUL energy, shared where there is an eternal, alchemical marriage within Source Love, in the purest form of the creation light. Most twins do not incarnate together in the physical as a human twin path is extremely difficult unless both energies become conscious and aware of their true soul nature and choose to dedicate their lives to the service of that path, to love.

4) This is NOT a Hollywood Romance, it is divine creation calling to you, asking you to remember who you are, what love really is. You simply cannot hold a twin flame energy, at least in balance, until you learn to love yourself and feel all of your connections to creation as important and sacred.

5) If you have chosen a twin flame path, your soul has chosen it and it cannot be undone. One who choses this kind of unity experience will travel through life always feeling as if there is something more they are meant for, something they cannot quite explain, just beyond their reach, until they turn inwards and start holding the purpose of the twin energy - love within, love with all.

6) Twin flames are being called to the Earth Plane for a soul purpose - to raise the vibration to Unity, to Unconditional love. It is not about the "perfect marriage" with the white picket fence and 2.5 kids. It is a 5th dimensional relationship, based on love and allowing love to flow the path of least resistance.

7) This can be an intense, powerful romantic relationship, but romance is not the goal - both twins feel pulled to acknowledge a higher calling than their own individual desires and will be brought together and pulled apart until there is a balance within themselves and they are ready to hold a unity merge with creation energy.

8) Yes there are phases to all relationships - let go of labels and constructs and allow love grow within your own being - everything else will all into place.

9) Your twin is not "running or chasing" they are trying to figure themselves out. One must be VERY strong in their own individuality in order to merge with creation light and not turn into a molten pile of goo. The periods of togetherness activate earth soul growth within the "We" energy, and the periods of seeming "separation" are there to catalyze deep inner healing and false perceptions held in the "I" energy.

10) If you have met your Twin Flame in the physical, you are NOT automatically designed to "be together" in this lifetime. Yes, you are destined for union. Time is irrelevant to the nature of the soul. Many twin energies are coming in right now to catalyze soul awakening, and for some, that is all they wish for in this particular lifetime. There is an evolutionary path with the Twin (unity) path, just as there is for the individual soul path.

* Other twins have a very specific pathway of coming together in union in the physical.

11) What your path is, is up to you and your twin, and your highest self. No one else.

In all relationships, follow the love, practice self love first and foremost, and let the rest fall away. There is a divine timing element in all things, as well as a co-creation responsibility - what you focus on, what is predominantly in your thoughts and emotions, will create the world around you. What happens to you is neutral, what you choose is neutral, until you assign it a label as good or bad, challenge or opportunity...for me, I choose unity, I choose love.

If you believe you have met your twin flame or need assistance with sacred relationship connections, feel free to contact me for Twin Flame balancing sessions and/or spiritual guidance. I am happy to help where I can.

Wishing you love in all that you are and create in this world! Jeanette St.Germain

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