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Tips for recognizing if you are holding a 5D Consciousness (life as LOVE!)

Unity Consciousness and 5th Dimensional Living

What is Unity Consciousness

We are collectively moving into what the Mayans coined “unity consciousness.” What this means is that within the collective mind, the idea of us as “one planet, “one people”, “one soul,” is becoming much more pervasive. Before, a more individualized, segregated, horizontal kind of mentality was more common, with the focus on borders and nationalism.

“ National boundaries are not evident when we view the Earth from space. Fanatic ethnic or religious or national identifications are a little difficult to support when we see our planet as a fragile blue crescent fading to become an inconspicuous point of light against the bastion and citadel of the stars.”

~ Carl Sagan

Examples of the unity consciousness experience are found in: church congregations, meditation groups, political rallies, rock concerts, movie experiences, healing circles, and any other experience where people join together and share emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and passions.

* Take note, these unity moments can be high vibration or low vibration. The 5D Unity Consciousness experience is Love at the core, love as the intention, love in the flow of all things!

Unity consciousness is experienced through channels of empathy and compassion - one must be able to see themselves in another, and ideally, to see the light of Source within each person and each experience. This releases the labels of good or bad and allows a richness of experience that offers the awareness that ALL experiences are for the evolution of the soul.

The key to 5th dimensional awareness is living in the NOW moment - this applies to individuals, groups, societies, the whole planet.

Moving into the 5D Unity Consciousness -

1) Conscious awareness within shared experience - acknowledgment and gratitude of whatever is happening in the PRESENT moment, being able to fully see and understand with empathy not only the individual, but the other or group perspective simultaneously.

2) Utilizing the NOW moment with gratitude to release if needed, or expand the experience if more is desired.

3) Feeling more deeply not only our own experiences, but the ALL - when Present Moment and ONEness are recognized, the doorway to raising vibration, manifesting new opportunities, and experiencing the FLOW of the universe is thrown open.

4) Feeling there is something “more” out there, beyond your individual life experience, an unquenchable desire to join with others who are also looking, or already experiencing, the “more”.

This can start as an intense, unexplainable pull to “something more,” feeling as if you are running out of time, needing to “get on a mission” or “be of service, help others” in a RIGHT NOW kind of way.

5) Finding yourself bored with mundane tasks - Your soul is calling you to more, and you start asking “is this all there is?”

6) Less importance on money and financial needs of the individual - wishing to accumulate the finances in order to create something bigger, with others, offering solutions to community and/or global problems. Examples: starting or joining an animal shelter, a home for teens, a wellness center, traveling and offering aid, food, medicines, etc.

7) Feeling an unexplainable empathic connection to the earth and solar fluctuations - earthquakes, tsunamis, solar flares.

8) Feeling waves of emotions, thoughts or even physical symptoms that seem to come out of nowhere. Shared empathic experiences - your best friend has a headache, so do you, having a bad day, you somehow know, etc.

9) Asking yourself "Why can't everyone just get along? This shows a desire and readiness for unity consciousness

10) Dreams of otherworldly experiences - star-gates, portals, meeting with “others” in dream time or meditation to discuss worldly energies

11) Feeling/seeing/knowing deep connection to the energy lines of the planet (ley lines, crystalline grids, energy vortexes, sacred spiritual sites, etc.)

12) Releasing attachment, moving into observation, “omniscient point of view” engage only when there is a benefit to all parties involved.

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