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How to Set Sacred Space

Monthly Tips for the Modern Mystic - Easy & Practical Techniques to Support Your Spiritual Path

Setting Sacred Space

What is "sacred space?" Sacred space is any place or physical area that is distinguished from other places by intentions of religious, sacred or holy purpose. When should we create sacred space? It is important to set sacred space whenever we desire to connect or interact with the realms of Spirit, such as in meditation, energy work or developing our intuition. It is also beneficial whenever we wish to set intentions or direct life-force towards a certain outcome (such as blessing our food or clearing heavy energy in a room). Easy Ways to Set Sacred Space * Light a white candle with the intention that it fills your mind, body, spirit and environment with pure light and love. * Smudge with sage, aura spray, holy water and incense such as sandalwood to raise the vibration. * Use your voice! CLAIM your space - say something out-loud, such as "I now claim this space as holy sacred ground, now and always. Only the highest energies of love & light may be here!" Speak clearly and with confidence - energy follows intention and spirit pays attention when we mean it! * Create a crystal grid with rose quartz or black tourmaline for magnetizing love or offering protection from negativity. * Write a gratitude list and place a rose quartz or citrine gemstone on top, with the intention of magnetizing more of what you are already grateful for. * Play a signing bowl and ask the energy to clear, cleanse and rejuvenate the space with love and light. * Call the angels of love & light to assist with setting space and any other challenges you might be experiencing. (Prayer does work - we just have to release our attachment to the desired outcome and allow what serves our best and highest good to flow to us...) * Call forth the Golden Light - imagine a ball of light or a waterfall of light washing through you and/or your space for blessings of Source love, light, wisdom, protection, healing...whatever you desire. GOLD holds all the colors of creation so you can direct it to what you need at the time. * Visualize the Violet Flame through your whole mind, body spirit totality to transmute heaviness and negativity into light. Special Note - When used in meditation or energy work, utilizing the violet flame is incredibly powerful for not only transmuting but also resetting all systems to your core divine essence. I hope this helps give you some ideas about how to set sacred space. If you would like to learn more in-depth techniques on a wide variety of topics, be sure to check out our event calendar to join in person, or keep an eye out for our online offerings. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey!

Happy Friday!

Jeanette St.Germain

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