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11 Steps for Easy Manifesting!

Happy Spring Equinox Full Moon day lovely reader! In the spirit of new beginnings, I wanted to share some simple yet powerful tips for releasing and manifesting during this new season in our lives. I hope it helps you to feel more connected to your inner light and to the possibilities all around you. Enjoy!

Setting Intentions & Focusing the Equinox Power Light Portal to Release & Manifest

1) Write a list of what you are ready to release. 2) Write a list of everything you are grateful for - no matter how big or small! 3) Write a list of what you are ready to experience and create in your life. 4) Light a white candle and place a piece of rose quartz (if you have one) on top of your gratitude list and the list of your desires/new creations. 5) Call in the energies of love, light, wisdom, peace and upliftment. Welcome your angels, guides and the energy of Source if it feels right for you. Ask for their guidance and assistance in releasing what no longer serves you and magnetizing that which is in alignment with your life purpose. 6) Burn the "letting go" list. 7) Imagine golden divine light pouring from your heart and your hands into the gratitude list and the creation list. Energize your intentions and align them with your highest self and divine right action. (This occurs simply by your intention and imagining the light pouring through you). 8) BE...FEEL...BREATHE...imagine that all you are wishing to create is already within you, already around you. Imagine how light, joyful and excited that feels! Breathe it in, breathe it out. 9) Sit with this energy as long as it feels right. 10) When you are done, simply close your hands together at your heart, close your eyes and say: "as above so below, so be it and so it is. Thank you. 11) Now let it don't have to know how, when or why things will work out - just trust that they will, have gratitude for every step and be open to the miraculous!

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