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8/8 Lions Gate Energy Portal - New Manifestations Flowing from the Heart!

This is a time of incredible spiritual energy and cosmic alignment; July 26th - August 13th is considered the Lions Gate Cosmic Light Code Portal, with the energy on 8/8 offering the most potent activations for spiritual evolution, divine embodiment and evolving consciousness.

What is this cosmic alightment?

The lion's gate portal opens every year on August 8 when the sun in Leo, the star Sirius, Orion's Belt, and the Earth all line up in the heavens. During the Lion's Gate portal, Sirius (the Spiritual Sun of this solar system) comes into view in the Earth's sky. Since Sirius is the brightest star visible, spiritual mystics throughout time have shared the belief that during Lions Gate, Sirius infuses the earth with extra energy and light. This is especially documented in the ancient Egyptian culture, where the people worshipped Sirius as the goddess Sopdet, and celebrated Sirius' return in the morning sky as the start of the farming season and the beginning of a new year.

What are we FEELING?

As we start to build the Lions Gate energies, emotions are running high, especially around themes of safety, nourishment, support and childhood wounding. We are feeling the edges of our previous experiences, feeling an amplified anticipation for a collective NEW BEGINNING. We are being shown where we can step into our power and purpose, not from a place of pleasing others, but from a place of radical authenticity and self love. It is a wonderful time to embody compassionate witnessing, speak our truth and trust that there is a greater beginning here for us all.

The energies are inviting us to open, to listen, to allow the radiance of the cosmos to illuminate what feels emotionally supportive and soul nourishing on every level. Take time to tune in with your inner child, re-discover that place within you that feels light and so excited to have an adventure. This life is great adventure...but so often we forget that as we focus on bills, rules, obligations and expectations.

AWAKENING to Your Soul Power!

8/8 is the ultimate time of awakening...we are no longer content to dip our toes in the waters of possibility - our souls are singing in a grand symphony calling us to not only listen, but dive right in, fully embracing our aliveness with passion and courage. It is time to add our voices!

8/8 is the infinity spiral - as above, so below, as within, so without...all emanating from the intersection of the heavenly and the earthly. It reminds us to embody our soul potential, as human beings, remembering who we really are. In this space, we are able to accelerate our spiritual connections, activate our intuitive abilities, join in sacred community and manifest heaven on Earth, together!

We are in a sacred time to embrace ALL the feelings, to encourage PLAY, to open the door for our inner Lion Heart to begin to shine! The pureness of the miraculous is always here, flowing in a current of love from heart to heart, through all living things. We are creation...drop in, pay attention, find the flow and BE the star of the show!

** We are celebrating the Lions Gate energies this month and all into August with gong meditations, sacred ceremonies, Merkaba activation trainings, a new Soul Alchemy Masterclass offering and so much more! Reach out if you would like to join the ride! Thank you for being a part of raising consciousness and loving with all your heart...


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