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Awakening to Who You Are

Awakening is remembering that you are a spiritual being having a human experience...ascension is a process of awakened, consciousness embodiment...

How do we navigate these processes of awakening and ascension?

Be a Divine Bridge...

The human experience is a dance of soul embodiment. Being in a physical form invites your unique essence of creation (soul) to grow and evolve through channels of contrast, relationship and expression. Each moment we can be offered pain and pleasure, heaviness and lightness, separateness and unity.

When we begin to "awaken" to the truth that we are so much more than what we can physically see and comprehend, this dance becomes even more intense. We start to question our choices, relationships, careers...we begin to seek a deeper meaning and purpose for our lives.

As we become aware that we are souls having a human adventure, we open more to expanded states of being; we question who we are, why we are here, what we are meant to create...we question the very nature of reality itself!

From this place of curious seeking, we begin to activate and experience intuitive abilities, sacred relationships, otherworldly connections and even quantum healing energies. In the questioning, there is a desire to touch the mystery, to float in the waters of the great beyond, to harness and express our true innate potential.

Tips for Navigating Your Ascension and Being Divinely Human!

** For more in-depth tips, tools, techniques and immersive experiences, join our new Soul Alchemy Masterclass starting 9/13!

Tip #1 - Be Present

Observe how you feel and notice your environment, BE where you are.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or triggered, BREATHE. Put your hand over your heart, tune in with yourself, wiggle your toes and feel your feet on the earth.

Notice 5 neutral things around you...breathe.

Release the need to fix or understand anything...simply FEEL for a moment and bring your awareness back to your center through conscious breath and offering yourself safe holding, safe touch.

Shift into gratitude...find 5 things around you that make you feel running water, air conditioning, soft grass, birds in the trees. Present moment and gratitude can help you find the flow when things get choppy.

Tip #2 - Daily Spiritual Practice with Meditation, Energy Work & Clearing Techniques

Opening to your purpose and potential as a human being requires connecting with your true soul nature.


* Daily Meditation - all kinds of meditation are great opportunities to practice getting present, feeling self and becoming aware of your energy. Meditation is also a wonderful tool for developing your intuitive gifts, connecting with Spirit and your spiritual support team, asking questions, getting clarity, envisioning new manifestations and more!

Meditation can be as simple as breathing deeply, feeling your body and all its sensations.

Examples of different kinds of meditation:

guided meditation, sound bath with gong, singing bowls, drums, chimes, sacred sound chanting or mantras, kirtan, writing positive affirmations, listening to binaural beats, mindfulness meditation practicers, transcendental practices, moving meditations, coloring as mediation, sitting in nature and listening to the voices of the wind in the trees.

* Daily Energy Clearing and Balancing

* Self clearing and Space clearing - intention is the most important part - there is no right or wrong way...just ask the energy to do what you need it to do!

Self Clearing - this can be as simple as imagining yourself in a pillar of violet flame that centers in your heart, connects to to the top of your head and down to the earth through your feet. You can imagine a ball of light around you, and a waterfall of while light flowing down from above all the way through to the earth. Set the intention that the light helps to clear, purify and restore flow to your entire mind, body and spirit.

Seek a professional - you can work with an energy healing practitioner to address not only clearing and balancing, but also any challenging emotions, thoughts and experiences that may come up along your spiritual path. Depending on the practitioner, you can get support in clearing anscetral trauma, outdated programs, open your intuitive abilities and more!

If energy healing and quantum alignment processes interests you, you are welcome to contact me for an individual package of sessions here.

* Space Clearing - You can fill your environment, home, car, workplace and even relationship connections with directed energy intentions, such as violet flame, white light, green healing energies...

To do this simply visualize a space or a situation and ask your heart to send energies of love to clear and help restore flow.

You can also work with crystals, sage, salt, blessed water, Palo Santo, clearing music and mantras as well as sacred symbols if you are confident in their origin.

** Please note - if you wish to send energy to another person, their permission is required in order to be in alignment with the law of free will. If their permission is not possible to obtain, you can ask to send the loving/clearing energy to their angels and then the loving intentions can be offered to the person through Spirit.

In truth, you are always your soul, but sometimes we forget this when we get wrapped in the busyness of every day life. To help you navigate the heavenly and the earthly as well as embody who you are, these 2 things are invaluable!

Tip #3 - My Personal Tool Kit

These are some of the things that I personally use on a regular basis to keep my vibration high, my purpose embodied and my soul guiding the direction of my life choices...

* Energy Infusion Meditations

* Energy Work

* Sound Healing

* Breath work

* Journaling

* Burning Bowls for releasing and manifesting

* Connecting with nature and animals

* Connecting with Sacred Plant Medicines (cacao, hape, growing medicinal herbs in my garden, etc)

* Plant Medicine Circles

* Crystals and Crystal Grids

* Vision Boards and Positive Affirmations with Energized Visualization Techniques

* Clearing with Sage, Palo Santo, Blessed Water and Candles, Rattles, Drums

* Making Gratitude Offerings to Nature and Spirit - tobacco offerings, dairy garden gifts, offering healing energy to Mother Earth

* Sacred Ceremonies working with moon cycles

* Astrology and numerology

* Reading Books on all kinds of spiritual and self-awareness topics!

* Writing my own prayers and expressions of gratitude

* Walking, Swimming, Dancing

* Connecting with Spiritual Community

* Immersive Spiritual Retreats

I hope this helps give you a framework for navigating your journey with more grace and ease. Please know that you are not alone, and the more open your heart and mind are to the infinite possibilities of this universe, the more fantastical and ALIVE your human journey will be!

Jeanette St.Germain

For more in-depth practices and experiences to support your path of awakening, be sure to check out our:


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