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Your Intuition is a Superpower...

Hello beautiful soul! I have been sitting deeply with myself, with Spirit and Mother Earth more than ever as of late. I have been feeling an amplification of my sensitivity to others as well as an expansion of my intuitive gifts. Spirit has been getting louder, the nudges from my soul impossible to ignore. I wasn't sure I could get "more sensitive," but yes, it seems there is always another loop, another way to be divinely human. Have you been feeling it too?

It has felt scary at times, this energy calling me to step up as a leader, as a teacher of teachers, even as I know I am forever a student of the universe. I have felt old patterns of self-doubt spiraling through deep wounds of abandonment and betrayal, trying to convince me that I'll never be good enough. I have felt Spirit invite my inner masculine to remember I am a discerning warrior of love; I have felt my intuition ignite my inner feminine to nurture and soften around the parts of me that have forgotten I am love.

In all of this, I have been slowing down, leaning in, listening more. I have been asking the questions "who am I, what can I be, what can I create" almost on autopilot. I have been weaving through past, present and future possibilities with a greater openness in my heart, feeling a renewed kind of excitement for the unknown.

Guided by my intuition, I have been learning to align and embody with my highest potential. I have been choosing to serve others through love and helping them to remember their own divine light.

One message that continues to ring through?

It's time to be a leader of rising consciousness and gather the leaders together...

Have you been receiving this message too?

My intuition is a Superpower and it is calling me, flowing through me to a space of rebirth, authentic expression and radiant heart fire. It is showing me that I do indeed have the ability to start anew, rebuild, create a different path and collaborate with those of like resonance.

The miracles are coming faster now, the a-ha moments on lightening speed. The veils are thin and higher levels of consciousness are streaming through every heart with a new level of determination and divine appointment.

It is time for us to learn how to navigate with our intuitive compass, envision a more loving world and then build it, together.

If your heart feels excited at this possibility, let me know!

You are also welcome to check out our upcoming 16 week Masterclass - Ignite Your Intuitive Superpowers and join us for an incredible process of developing your intuition and stepping into a whole new realm of transformation and empowerment.

I honor your path and I am so excited to be on this journey with you! Thank you for reading.

Love to all,

Jeanette St.Germain


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