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Alchemy of Sound

Join us for a foundational immersion where we explore the world of intuitive sound healing!

 Level 1 = Full Day Foundational Certification May 28th, 2023 

10AM PT - 4PM PT @ Radiant Soul Center in Tempe, AZ

$888 per person (or) $665 per person if you bring a friend!

 Join us online through zoom if you can't join in Tempe!

For online Access, CLICK HERE >> 

Registration must be received by 5/25/23 to guarantee your spot.

Contact Jeanette with questions. Thank you!


Sound Alchemy = Healing, Manifesting & Soul Connection

In the beginning there was the sound...

Sound is the core of all light, all form - sound and light frequencies weave in particular patterns and waves to create realities. Understanding this root principle allows us to create shifts in every area of our lives.

* Healing for mind, body, spirit

* Clearing ancestral patterns & karmic imprints

* Manifesting your IDEAL Life

* Being of service to people, plants, animals & all forms of life! 

This full day immersion includes a myriad of ways we can work with sound as part of our daily spiritual practice, as well as how to connect with others to create healing, balancing and restoration for groups, communities and even Mother Earth! 

Level 1 - Foundations of Sound Healing - Where to Be!

Sun. May 28th. | 10AM PT

Radiant Soul Center

4700 S. McClintock Drive 

Suite 190

Tempe, AZ 85282


$888 per person

$665 each if you bring a friend!

Online and in-person available. 

Join us for a powerful day of Sound Healing Tips, Tools, Techniques & Immersive Experiences!


* Level 1 Foundations Certificate

* Healing for self and working with others

* Expansion of your holistic wellness tool kit

* Harnessing the Alchemy of Sound for manifesting, clearing, restoring balance and connecting deeper into your true essence...

* How to work with Sound for shamanic journey, meditation, light code alchemy, shifting frequency, balancing chakras and energy fields, intuitive development & empowerment of your soul purpose.


Your Deep Dive Certification Experience...

Sacred Sound Instruments

* Crystal Singing Bowls, Alchemy Bowls, Tibetan Bowls

* Gongs & Chimes

* Shamanic Drumming 

* Tuning Forks

* Voice - intoning, singing, mantra

* Meditation and sound - music and voice


Topics, Techniques & Experiences

* Sound as universe creation

* Intro to the history of sound

* Why work with sound?

* Where to begin...

* Setting sacred space

* Power of intention

* Sound as vibration, frequency, light & sacred geometry

* Specific frequencies for chakras, auric fields, multi-dimensional connection

* Breath and movement

* Ecstatic Dance 

* Sound for healing mind, body and spirit

* Sound for connecting with soul purpose 

* Sound for manifesting your "ideal"

* Sound in spiritual and religious practice

* Sound in Sacred Ceremony

* Sound that helps us to connect with each other and with Mother Earth

* Sound for ancestral healing, karmic clearing

* Tantra and Sound

* Sound for accessing angelic frequencies and higher dimensional light codes.

* Sound for healing self

* Working with sound to help offer healing to others 

* Ethical boundary systems and permissions

* Sacred Containers

* Sound and intuitive development 


This is a deep-dive into the incredible world of sound healing. I am so excited to share what I have learned, and continue to learn, with over 20 years in the holistic wellness field.


This event is a blend of teaching and will come away from this day with a deeper connection to self and all of life, you will receive balancing for yourself as well as an expansion of your own creative ideas - sound opens the channels for us all to flow and create together! 


Pre-registration required - please register by 5/25/23


Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to sharing this special time with you!

Jeanette St.Germain

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