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Intuitive Development Playshop Intensive -

Yes, you are psychic...let me show you how!

Saturday, February 15th 2020 

Radiant Soul Center

4700 S. McClintock Drive Suite 190

Tempe AZ 85282

11AM - 3PM 

$122 per person for this in-depth, powerful intuitive playshop!


Yes, you are psychic! Join us for an incredible day of tapping in, tuning up and focusing your natural intuitive abilities!

All levels are welcome - we will be practicing some simple yet effective techniques for developing your intuitive abilities, honing the skills you already have and opening up new energetic pathways for you to receive an expansion of your current skill set.

** Please note, the techniques utilized in this workshop are not commonly shared in books or through other teachers. These are techniques that Spirit has shared with me over years of working with thousands of clients and learning through trial and error subtle yet powerful ways of receiving and expanding intuitive abilities. 

Topics and Techniques Included:

Intuitive Pathways - 

* Introduction to intuition  - what is it, why do we want to use it?

* Intuition and the energy of Spirit as connected to your life purpose.

* The 4 Big C's!

* How do intuitive channels work?

* Areas of the body that receive intuitive messages.

* Pineal Gland & Intuition

* Pressure Points and activating intuition

* Colors and Intuition

* Body Map Technique

* Avatar Clock Technique

* Intuition and the Chakras

* Intuition and the Auric Field

* Auric Field Reading

* What might be blocking your intuitive channels?

* Clearing Ancestral Karma

* Past Life Trauma Release

* Inner child healing

* Why is it important to invite Inner child healing and karmic release around embracing your spiritual nature and sharing it with the world?

* Interactive partner support technique for empowering your inner light & true spiritual nature! 

* Mirror technique

* You are already using your intuition - get "scanned" and learn which pathways are most open for you right here, right now!

* Sensory Stimulation for opening your intuition (guided meditation).

Intention and Discernment -

* Setting sacred space

* Writing your own prayers, affirmations and sacred words of power

* What is your intention?

* How to be a clear channel

* Mindfulness training techniques/Breathing techniques

* Discernment techniques (is the intuitive information valid and empowering?)

Application of Intuitive Information - 

* What are the Akashic Records? 

* What is a Soul Map, a Soul Blueprint, an akashic record?

* How do we access them and why?

* Akashic Records Sample Meditation + Energetic Infusion 

Multi-dimensionality and Intuition -

* Accessing Otherworldly realms & guides

* Difference between psychic and medium

* Connecting with Angels, Guides, Star Beings, Ascended Masters, etc.

* Techniques for getting out of your own way.

* What is channeling?

* What is telepathy?

* What is automatic writing?

* Telling Spirit how to communicate - setting the template & symbology

* Symbol Dictionary Technique

* Balls of Light Technique

* Light as a feather energy play

Tools we can use to focus our intuition - 

* Sacred Tarot & Oracle cards

* Pendulums & Dowsing Rods

* Crystals

* Journaling

* Music/Vibration/Mantra/Binaural Beats

* Crystal Grids

* Food, Flower Essences, Herbs and Nutritional Supplements

* Boost the Pineal Gland!

* Dream Work

* Poker Card Partner Practice

* Intuitive Game Night!

* Messages in Nature

* Shamanic Vision Quest

* Journey of the Soul meditation and energetic infusion

Many of these techniques have not been shared in group or in personal sessions, so if you feel pulled, please join! Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to sharing this special time with you! 

Jeanette St.Germain

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