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May this bracelet remind you of your connection to the cosmos & uplift you on the wings of Angels - in this place, you can claim your own wings and soar through life, connected, protected and embolded by the cosmic power within you! 


Made with beautiful & extremely rare, Celestite, the stone of the angels, Swarovski Crystals in Aurora Borealis & Gold Plated Daisy accents. This beautiful & special bracelet is finished with an open frame angel Wing in Gold to remind your Goddess self that your wings are always there.


Gemstone Properties


Celestite also known as Celestine is known as the stone of the Angels.  It aids in direct connection with your Guardian Angels & the Angelic Realm.  It activates the higher chakras especially the crown chakra opening your connection with the Divine.  


Celestite has a soothing & calming presence allowing a grand sense of peace when worn. It aids in alleviating stress levels, allowing one to transmute fear & restore courage, "seeing" past the veils of illusion and feeling empowered by the light of cosmic truth. 

Cosmic Goddess Bracelet

$44.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
  • Please note that these pieces are officially being launched December 1st and any orders placed prior to launch date may require a bit more delivery time. 

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