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Empathy in the New World - Shifting from Bridge to BEing...

Happy Monday Dear Reader,

What an interesting time we live in...Have you felt it? The shift? The new cosmic breath that is sweeping across the globe, soaking deep into her nether regions and back out the other side? Have you felt the pull, the longing to "return home," to join with others not of like family line, culture, social, age or physical structure, but with those of like energy, like resonance, like soul? Ahhh, the way is captures our attention, circles through the mind, the way it makes all else seem frivolous, obsolete...

I have felt it. I have felt you. I am traveling this road right along with you, questioning, wondering, exploring the seeming fragmented parts of myself as I discover a remembrance of who I AM and what it means to feel whole, what it is to share the space of the soul with others, with ALL. It leaves me breathless...

As an empath, an "ultra sensitive" person who also places great value on intellectual understanding and pragmatic cause and effect, I have tried to rationalize the depth of my "feeling," the highs, lows and everything in between. In the past I was able to comfort myself with the belief that life is meant to be experienced, and since I am a curious explorer, I must be willing to feel EVERYTHING. My soul designed it this way for my highest growth and experience...right? right? Oh the ways we invite pain in, thinking it makes us stronger or more powerful or somehow more uniquely flawed because we are willing to self sacrifice.

The Shift has been with us for some time, gently nudging, sometimes prodding, right on the edge of our thoughts, pulsing at the center of our hearts, just waiting for us to listen, to feel, to wake up to a higher knowing of who we are and why we exist. I came here knowing, feeling the truth of the ultimate love and unity within me, but uncertain of how to help it flow out into a world often unfeeling and cold. My entire life I have felt as if I was straddling two very different worlds, struggling to be a kind bridge between the learning cycles of pain and pleasure, fear and love. I felt others as if they were me, understood multiple perspectives and ways of actualizing supposed truths, with no judgment, just allowing, inviting whatever was within my sphere to be a part of my experience.

The Shift brings higher energies of creation, energies of love, unity consciousness, creativity, and compassion (empathy blessed with divine grace). These energies are flowing through us now, no longer softly, but like a clarion call from the Universe. Where I was once a bridge, feeling all sensations of life in all their guts and glory, I now feel asked to stand fully rooted in the energies of this higher Becoming. I am asked to stand, to hold, to emanate, to BE the light within me, regardless of the situation, environment or interaction. I no longer feel it is necessary to experience "everything," but that instead, my free will choice is truly the will of some divine intelligence, not a choice of doing, but a choice of being.

I am not saying we pretend the shadow doesn't exist, only acknowledging light and fluffy rainbows. I am saying we can choose to feed it, to give it our power, or we can choose to rise above it. Some darkness is simply that, a void, a black hole that no matter how much love, light and unicorn sparkle you throw into it, it will continue to be a vacuum in space. We are not here to heal the black holes or to seal the vacuums. We are here to find our way back to the truth, the truth that we are love, so that we can step into the transformational power of that knowing. This is where it may seem that the dark is rising, even gaining momentum, but it is only seeming to do so, reacting in fear to the last cycles of its power shifting up, out and away, no longer a part of our collective reality fueled by LOVE.

Over the years, so much of my spiritual energy has been dedicated to shielding, protecting, holding boundaries, learning what emotions are mine and not mine, and trying to navigate a world where I feel everything is connected as ONE, but the world has the opposite view. While these tools have been helpful and even necessary at times, especially for an empath, I am realizing more and more that the old ways of coping or creating a kind of balance, just don't work the same. The world is shifting, moving into the unity energies that have been there waiting, all along.

The more I feel the Oneness and rise higher in my vibrational Being, the shielding and protecting techniques I used before can now be used as indicators of possible energetic disharmony, giving me information and awareness that a certain experience, situation or person connected to me may not be in resonance with what I am doing or feeling at any one moment in time. Instead of keeping things away or creating layers of separation, I am being shown more layers of the unified fields and how I have the power to choose which energies I wish to engage with, or not. In the past, protections and shielding tried to keep me safe by keeping me alone, me myself and the energies of Being, I am able to recognize that there is no such thing...everything is connected, every thought, action, and belief has a ripple effect and we have the ability to create, shift, change or ignore simply by staying connected to the core light within, that light of love that is an exact match to the core love within ALL of creation.

It is my feeling now, that as we evolve, as the planet and all of life evolve right along with us, it is no longer enough to recognize and honor all aspects of our perceived reality; we are now being offered the light frequencies and energetic support systems to transcend human ego and the fear and heaviness that often accompany it. We are being invited to release the I for the WE, the fear for the love, the rigid templates of time for the flowing energies of the present moment. It is not so much about gathering information or mastering karmic lessons through the cycles of our lives, but more about transcending any associated labels, rules or expectations that might be blocking the flow of our Being. We are no longer asked to experience love or lack of love, we are asked to BE the love, the love that resides deep within. There is a polarity shift from duality to oneness, from individual to collective, from seeming chaos to divine order.

If we can allow this shift Dear Reader, if we can embrace it and feel the sacredness of this time within ourselves and see it reflected back to us in the eyes of each other, just imagine the kind of world we can create...a new world, a new way of living, a kind of Being rooted in the loving powers of our shared divinity shining bright...

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